FF takes a step into a new area this week with the first in a series of podcasts.

The first edition sees an extended chat with some players from the 1950s, who kindly gave up their time to share some thoughts on their career, but the regular programme will be more of a standard discussion show, with competitions, enthusiastic debate and a little humour thrown into the mix.

A podcast is simply a pre-recorded programme available as a file for download or streaming, and will be suitable for those who wish to listen to it on their PC/MAC or on their MP3 players. It will be possible to subscribe to the FF podcast, details to follow, follow.

We intend to provide a programme at least once a fortnight, looking at all matters football, focusing on Rangers-related discussion but also covering other footballing stories from home and abroad and associated matters of interest.

The content of the podcast is largely up to You - we need your ideas, submissions and input: from jokes, to topics, to volunteering to appear on the podcast.

All ideas appreciated, from the sensible to the SM.

You can contact us at followfollowpodcast@hotmail.co.uk