BBC choose to alter image of Celtic fan convicted of Race Hate Murder.

Last updated : 10 November 2009

You may recall past instances where the BBC website - those responsible for images - have let themselves down badly.

Sectarian terms of abuse for players and models working for Rangers were included in the URLs - Kevin Thomson and Nell McAndrew being the victims of a diseased mind.

Today, we go one step further.

Christopher Miller was today sentenced to 18 years for the racially aggravated murder of Kunal Mohanty. A horrible crime, regardless of race or persuasion.

Here is the BBC link to the story:


Here is the original image:


Here is the present image:


Can you spot the difference?

Why have the BBC changed the image? What reason could they have to remove the visual reminder of the man's affiliation to the Glasgow club?

Would they have done so had he been wearing a different colour of jersey?









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