WOS Media make it clear: it is not Sectarian to be Anti-Protestant.

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Last updated : 07 October 2010

Picture the scene.

Steven Davis decides to post some comments on Kyle Lafferty's Facebook about  The Queen "running over Roman Catholics" on a visit to Ulster.

Lafferty later responds to someone leaving a message saying FTQ (Fuck the Queen) by correcting them with the retort: "Silly you, you spelt that wrong it's FTP (Fuck the Pope)."

Lafferty then speaks about "sorting out these Roman Catholics."

When presented with the evidence, how do you think the Daily Record and Scottish Sun would present it?

"Gers pair rapped on Queen jibes"

"Queen jokes: Gers pair are carpeted over Elizabeth jokes."

I don't know about you, but I rather doubt it.

Today, we see published a story which broke on our messageboard yesterday about Michael Paton and Zander Diamond of Aberdeen FC.

Their Facebook rants and hatred of HM The Queen and Protestants have been picked up and put in the morning 'papers. And, incredibly enough, the fake headlines above aren't so funny as they seemed.

Neither the Record nor the Sun, when faced with FTQ, running over Protestants or
the use of "dirty Orange bastards" by Nicky Low,  or "FTQ" by Ricky Jarvis - both Aberdeen players - seem to think this is sectarian.

There is absolutely no mention of this but the Sun tells us about "vile comments posted about the Pope."

No, you read that correctly: "vile comments" but not about The Queen, or about Protestants - whom Paton laughed about "turnin into dust" - but simply the Pope.

The only newspaper to call it as it is - as was the case when John Hartson and others were caught on video at a function singing along with Republican songs of hatred and killing - is the Aberdeen-based Press and Journal, who use the big bad word 'sectarian' and seem able to read well enough to understand that the comments were "insulting (to) Protestants."


They even manage to find a quote from the Scottish Roman Catholic Church:

Spokesman Peter Kearney said: “Ultimately, the fight against sectarianism and bigotry has to be dealt with by Aberdeen Football Club. It is to be hoped that they will deal firmly with these players. The concern must remain that the underlying motivation has not been questioned simply by removing these comments from the page. There does seem to be a deeper intolerance.”

We can only hope that Kearney is referring to the anti-Protestantism, and not making a joke about the Pontiff.
One wonders, again, why the Sun and Record couldn't manage this -  the SCMO is very good at offering quotes and very efficient: the likelihood that either 'paper weren't offered and/or could not have managed to obtain said quote is smaller than the chance of a Protestant Pope.

Some readers may wonder why this is worth bringing up: it's simple. We are always told by the WOS media - oh and isn't it interesting that BBC Scotland don't consider this to be newsworthy - that sectarianism is one of the main evils in Scottish society.

Stories about the grass at Ibrox being cut in the shape of a sash; about the Ibrox menu removing Eggs Benedict - these are presented, not as jokes, but as an indication of the perverse hatred of an institution which is surely only attacked so frequently due to it representing, in myth and history if not always in fact, Scottish Protestantism.

Ask yourself on which page of the Scottish Sun and Daily Record would you find the equivalent Davis and Lafferty story?

Ask yourself how long it would take the BBC to have it as their main story, and for it to be the focus of special reports and multi-page contributions from academics, churchmen and social commentators in our news media. Nil By Mouth would be asking for more funding, as this proves that sectarianism hasn't been conquered. Alex Salmond would be disgusted for the good people of Scotland.

But as long as it is Protestants you hate; as long as your bile, your vile comments and the evidence of your indoctrination is expressed in terms of hating The Queen and the Protestants of Britain and Scotland it seems to be okay. It's not.

And in choosing to make it a joke, we have conclusive and lasting proof that the WOS media cannot be trusted and are unfit for purpose. Equality is all we demand. Partial, sectarian hatred and distrust of Protestants is all we get.



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