A Season To Remember – Unbeaten

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Being unbeaten is one of the most coveted titles in football. Any team that manages to go through an entire season without losing a game earns this title, inspiring hope in the players, management, and fans. It is akin to having a winning streak in a casino game where you don’t lose any wagers. Players on sites like Playzee often attempt this by playing games of skill where the winning chances are high. And when they couple their skills with bonuses, maintaining such streaks is easy. So, how did Rangers FC clinch their campaign despite the competition, and how has it affected their reputation?

The 2020-2021 Campaign

An unbeaten campaign is not just about not losing games. After all, a team can end all its games in draws and wins and still get relegated. The art thus lies in accruing points even as you avoid losing to any team. It is a balance. And Rangers FC seems to have had the recipe when they ended their season undefeated, breaking the 100-point barrier.

How did they do it?

  1. Strong Attacks

A sure way to ensure your opponents don’t get one over you is to lead with a strong attack. So, as you defend, you also gain points to help you win the league. Striking this balance is not easy. But with Alfredo Morelos, Kemar Roofe, and Ryan Kent taking the lead, the team had a strong attack that left the other teams fighting to stay in the game. They even beat Hamilton 8-0 to show that they meant business and were not about to let any team have their way.

  1. Even Stronger Defenses

Maintaining the record is all about ensuring you do not lose any game. At worst, you should draw. But Rangers FC was not about to leave any room for losses. The team had heavily invested in its defense and only conceded 13 goals in 38 games! While some players were heavy on the attack, the defense team and the keeper pushed people out of their turf. Their defense was so good that their keeper, Allan McGregor, won Player of the Year. If that does not scream great defenses, what will?

  1. League Rankings

Rangers put on such a good game with 32 wins, 6 draws, and no losses that they accrued 102 points. They won the league with a 25-point difference with the runner-up. The margin was so significant that many teams can only dream of even nearing it. Their European campaign was just as successful as they did not lose a game in their group. Somehow, this seeped into their other rankings, enabling them to have one of their best years.

The Future

Barely two years later, the campaign ends on the first League day of the campaign with a loss away to Killie! The 2022-2023 season ended with 29 wins, 5 draws, and 4 losses, resulting in 92 points. They hope to close the loss gap and win more games to dominate the scene again.

Many fans have already started investing in this promising future by placing wagers on upcoming events. If you wish to follow suit, employ the following strategies:

  • Research the teams and figure out the wagers with the best returns, e.g., outright winner, number of goals, etc.,

  • Follow the news updates on injuries, transfers, and management,

  • Ensure you have a budget and stick to it,

  • Use statistics to make decisions instead of relying on gut feelings, and

  • Watch the games so you can enjoy the action.

The Rangers have their eyes set on winning; this will surely be another exciting season!

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