Book Review – “Going for 55” by Christopher Jack

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This isn’t a blow-by-blow reception of the games in last season’s league campaign.  It is, I would say, a concise history of the trials and tribulations which have befallen Rangers over the last ten years and how, finally, we got it  right.

The first four chapters – 100 pages – barely mention the  play of season 2019-20 – instead the author sets the scene for the uphill  struggle Steven Gerrard inherited.  

It is, therefore, slightly mis-titled.  The book is instead a history of the last ten years in the life of Rangers Football Club  which culminates in the winning of the league.  It is not a simple recitation of game after game of football.

These observations are not criticisms – they are in fact one of it’s strengths.  The 11th, and penultimate, chapter marries all these factors together and is headed Absent Friends – fans, directors, plays, fan reps all have their say – their little glimpses of the big story.

This is a book that should be on the bookshelves of all Rangers fans.

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