Don’t take their bait

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By Mark Dingwall

Celtic and the SNP government are desperate that Rangers fans congregate either at Parkhead or elsewhere on Sunday.  Don’t take their bait.

The league has been won so let’s not do anything to take the shine off of it – no matter the provocation.

I saw no Rangers fans on social media planning to celebrate at Parkhead – what I did see was a badly written poster from Celtic fans claiming they wanted to ‘defend’ Parkhead from hordes of marauding Bears.  It’s fantasy.

I can understand people may think there’s some matter of pride in this having had a challenge thrown down.  However, I’d point out it’s daft to do exactly what your opponent wants you to do.  Leave them standing up there alone.

In fact, I suspect with the layout of Parkhead and the way it has been barricaded to protect their directors and players from their own fans – that there will be mobile patrols of police simply sweeping people off the streets.

We’ve already had our celebration parties – no force of earth was going to stop the Bears from marking the 55th.

Now, the next party will be when our club decides it’s safe for us all to return to Ibrox.

Until then, do what I’m doing – get yourself a cargo and watch the game from home.

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