1. BigShota'sSmile

    How would McCoist fare playing as a lone striker within modern tactical set-ups?

    Sunday had me reminiscing of the good old days when Super Ally would regularly break the other side's heart, and it got me thinking about how successful would he be playing today within a modern tactical set-up which tends to rely solely on a lone striker. Ally was a world class goal scorer no...
  2. M

    A now calmed down review

    Having had time to calm down after the game can actually look back on it now and point out some positives and negatives. Positives: -Defended Well -Came out and played (eventually) -Mcgregor Negatives: -The whole first half -The lack of control and presence in midfield -Our final ball in the...
  3. M

    The defence

    Am i the only one worried by the clear lack of pace for us at the back (goldson, katic, flanagan)
  4. M

    Motherwell game.

    Lets be honest thats our worst defensive performance of the season and it just so happens its the game that we change to 3 at the back. A coincidence i think not. The substitutes were poor, arfield was a passanger as was middleton. Sat far to deep in the second half was dying for someone to...

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