£10m Ring Fenced Money


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Long way to go but neither look like that sort of value right now.

We need to start buying players for the starting eleven, players like Aribo, Kent, McGregor, Goldson when they signed. These guys were all brought in in seasons where our spend was less than this summer.

The fact the board are delighted with what Wilson is delivering is bemusing to say the least.

The Blue Iceberg

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We're not spending a penny on Jimmy Sands or Tillman on performances so far.

However if we actually played them in their proper positions we might see an improvement for the rest of their loan period.


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I don’t think we will end up signing either although I would like to see Sands get a chance in midfield

Tillman has talent but his attitude and work ethic is questionable
He has none, im infuriated by this boy, should be trying his best on this stage but did not give a shit

Oleg Salenko

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Wouldn't trust anyone at the club to spend it.
Sadly I think this hits the nail on the head.

I really thought we could poach or loan some Dutch youngsters based on our coaching staff but we seem a bit clueless when it comes to recruitment.

Would be interested to see a breakdown of our signings to try and figure out where we are scouting

Oleg Salenko

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The board will probably claim it's been used to paint the main stand girders next rather than transfers!

I await the patronising rangers tv video with a board member saying people don’t realise.
1 we had to burn the old paint off
2 we had to sand it down
3 these things don’t take just one coat of gloss we’re talking hammerite metal paint here
And that’s before we even think about the dust sheets and scaffolding


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Tillman looks good.

Does he? Does he honestly look better than Ejaria or Ojo in their initial bursts of form? Hyndman impressed initially too. Ditto Toral.

Painting him as “Bayern’s best youth prospect” as some fan media have done is lamentable.

He was a cheap punt from a tight fisted Board.
Maybe play the guy centre behind the striker rather than wide right? He’s a 20 year old being hung out to dry. Gio has done it twice now in big games. Not fair on the lad.


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If we have money, I hope that it is spent on some Young players wanting to make a name for themselves. I don't want any 30+ players or some injured players looking to get game time.


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If we have money, I hope that it is spent on some Young players wanting to make a name for themselves. I don't want any 30+ players or some injured players looking to get game time.
has to be players that are young enough foe the player trading model but good enough to hold there own and not kids


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I wouldn't trust those two clowns Wilson and Robertson to spend it, I'd honestly send Tillman back to Bayern tomorrow.


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Spend the £10m on a super scouting team and maybe by the next window we will start signing non injured decent players :rolleyes:

Maida Vale Bear

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Cant wait till Jan now as no chance i would be spending £10m on Sands and Tillman. That means we have £10m spend in Jan if this is where out money is.

Sands is ok and has done well helping out at CB but at end if day he isnt better than Goldson, Davies or King.

Tillman looks tidy player and done well at start of season but far to slow and games pass him by, not what i would be spending £6m on, hasnt done anything Lowrey cant do.

Hopefully that meant £10m spent in Central Midfield and Wingers
You know £10m is ring fenced? Spill the beans, where is this from?

Texas ranger

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It wasn’t so long ago plenty on this very forum we’re falling over themselves to sign both now, which couldn’t happen of course.


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Should be spend on paying the manager off I'd send Tillman and Sands back in January i don't think we'll buy them we have plenty of central defenders and midfielders to cover Sands


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King at 18 is already a better player than Sands at 22.

Better touch, better awareness, better ability in heading the ball & reading the game. Spending £4m on Sands would be shocking business, his technical ability is so limited it’s scary.

Not good enough on the ball to play in midfield & not aggressive enough to play centre back.

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Tillman needs a run in his correct position to judge him. There is something about his demeanour that makes him look completely disinterested. At times looks like he was in his bed sleeping with his strip on and woke up just in time for kick off.