“Brendan didn’t shout at us”


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Don't think a temp manager shouting will do him any good - it only kind of works if you hold all the power and there's a consequence for the players to you losing the plot. The lurgan bigot doesn't have that luxury.

Mind you McGregor has been an absolute passenger the last 2 games at Ibrox - hasn't been alone but noticeable how much we have played round that midfield with complete ease.
Thought he'd already gone,:)) and Rogic got the message the times are changing, and the Tims are shiting themselves.


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Was told yesterday Lennon and McGregor hate each other and it all stems from his first spell in charge where he packed him off to Notts County out the road. If Lennon stays, McGregor wants out.

Allegedly the training and atmosphere have went down the toilet since Lennon arrived.
That's a shame, I want that cnt to get the job. News like this slims those chances.


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Can’t imagine it’s all that comfortable being a Celtic player at the moment, what with certain going-ons.

Add to that Lennon the utter psycho! Bet a few want out!

Alex Venters

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I know nothing of what's going on at their place. What I do know is that Lennon's mini rant yesterday was that of a man on the edge, a man who knows he's almost certainly missing out on his dream job.


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It's unfortunate. You just know the Board will know what is going on and to protect the good name of Celtic and the players - they will take action.

Oh wait a minute.....

Dougie Gray

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According to Frank Macavennie when Lennon was going off his head at half time this was the reply of one of the “senior players” on Sunday.

According to twitter the player in question was Callum McGregor. I have said before, with all the expected departures, I fully expect Forrest or McGregor (if not both) to want to go south this summer. Their new manager has a huge rebuild on their hands and issues galore on that changing room.
Said during game that they don’t want to play for Lennon


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Maybe what the lad was trying to say.
Brenda would be on the Tactics Board trying to out think our brilliant Manager.
Meanwhile TLB is trashing the dressing room and spitting all over the players shouting get out there and kill those orange bastards.
I could be wrong.


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Bunch of pussies crying because the manager demanded more from them
I'd imagine it wasn't the shouting at them, more than torrent of abuse from a manager who took them to go on a two day drinking bender the previous weekend and then called them out for it when it suited him.

I don't think players are bothered about raised voices if it's constructive. I'd imagine Lennon falls into the "yooz are aw useless cuntz" category. At some point players tune out. It took the Hibs players just under 3 years. It took the Tims two months.


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Lennon has serious issues

You just know he is an angry shouty manager who cannot help himself and the mhedia here portray him as a “passionate” person but in today’s football world that behaviour won’t work

Pity he’s not getting the job as he’s taken them backwards


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Didn’t like Lennon for loaning him out? Could argue that helped his career
The loan wasn't set up for McGregor's benefit. It was so his manager didn't need to see him every day.

If Lennon stayed in 2014 then McGregor wouldn't be there today.

Jimmy Jazz

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Unfortunately there's not a hope in hell they're keeping that utter mess of a guy.

I also reckon there's no way they're appointing Moyes. He's dire. I think there's more chance of him going to Kilmarnock.


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I pray Lennon gets the gig next year. There never in history has ever been a person more perfect for a club. A horrible classless smelly tramp. he is Celtic to the core that there is no denying.


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Honestly, there's pretty much no Celtic fan I've encountered in recent weeks who wouldn't be livid if Lennon got the job. They have no time for him and are convinced it will be the end of any hope of ten in a row.

If they offer it to Moyes, he'd bite their hand off. He's a guy who's had as high profile a management job as he ever could have hoped for and it went disastrously wrong. He's achieved nothing of note since, is out of work, yet for CFC he'd be considered a big name appointment.

He's another Brenda in the sense he has a career he needs to rebuild and could see the Celtic job as a high profile enough window to act as a stepping stone back to where he wants to be (EPL) if he gets it right.

Picking up a treble-winning team (three times over likely) and with a head-start is a no-brainer for him.


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Bunch of pussies crying because the manager demanded more from them
I'd imagine players will generally not be that averse to a bollocking from their gaffer if they respect him. The Fergusons, Smiths, Wallaces, etc would have commanded enough reverential respect from their squads that when they shouted, the team listened.

TLB is just an angry, incoherent, rage machine with emotional issues and a refusal to accept responsibility for his own fck ups. His team probably despise having to answer to him and when he loses his rag will have little time for anything he's spitting at them.

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