€13m Lazio bid for Ianis Hagi according to Sport.ro


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I'd expect a bit more with add-ons.

I know you can bid for a player anytime but would be a bit surprised to see them be public about it in April.


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Still wouldn't accept it. Offer is a few million short of where I think we should start listening to them, and even then I'm reluctant to sell Hagi for his market value right now as I believe there is only more to come from him.

Keeps improving over the next few years for us with CL football to boot and we'd be laughing €13 million out the room.

Only 22 and already playing his part in winning league titles and getting us into the latter stages of the Europa league. Don't really see any reason to sell him right now honestly.


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if it’s true, then IMO you’re looking at that as the floor for his value because as long he gets his fair share of games I struggle to envision a season where Hagi won’t hit big numbers playing in Scotland. I’d be more inclined to hold off for a year and see if he can go up a level, especially in Europe and the fee should rise accordingly. If we tripled our money in a year though I don’t think we could complain, would hate to see him go though as he’s one of my favourite players.


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No, another season from him and let him shine in the champions league.
Big Phil, Big Joe and Alfie(30-40 million) are the players who are easiest to replace IMO at this time that would make us the necessary money from a business perspective. That’s of course if we need the money.


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After already having a few moves that haven't quite went to plan I think he'll be happy here for a few seasons yet


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Wouldn't have linked this if it was just a HITC claim but they've cited a Romanian source.

Thoughts? I personally wouldn't start a conversation for less than £15m
Agreed. Shouldn't be letting any of our star players leave for any less.


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No, another season from him and let him shine in the champions league.
Big Phil, Big Joe and Alfie(30-40 million) are the players who are easiest to replace IMO at this time that would make us the necessary money from a business perspective. That’s of course if we need the money.

How would Morelos be the easiest to replace? We’ve signed loads of strikers since he’s been here and none have come close to offering what he does in terms of playing as a lone striker and holding the ball up.


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I would take 13 for him, if you had to pick between kamara, Alfie , tav, Kent, goldson or hagi, you would sell hagi every time IMO
I wouldn’t. Who will take it better if we reject a bid from an attractive club, Hagi or Alfie?


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He has a decent CL with us we could get double.

Look at dembele at the mentally challengeds, couple goals vs man city and his price rocketed.

Every one of our big players should hang on another season imo and they could go for much more, command better wages and go to a bigger team with just one decent showing in the CL.


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£11m. Hmmm... I think that bid is right on the tipping point of where it might become of interest to Rangers especially if you consider potential sell on value from Seria A.

If memory serves me correctly we signed Hagi for about £3m, so I think a bid of anything in the £12 - £15m bracket would at the very least peak the club’s interest. Add into that, that he is going to Lazio and Seria A and I think it is fair assumption that his value could go much higher there than it ever will in Scotland so a very good sell on would be key to the deal.

Another factor in the decision could be, who we could potentially keep if we sold Hagi instead. Eg. If selling Hagi meant we could keep Kamara or Morelos then I think it would be worth doing.
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The Romanian article:

Ianis Hagi is in the attention of Lazio officials, who want to get his transfer this summer.
Gazzetta dello Sport recently announced that Lazio wants Hagi in Serie A, the club being willing to pay 10 million euros for his transfer. The goal scored by Ianis for the national team, in the match with Northern Macedonia, strengthened the idea of the Italians even more.

In addition, the fact that Steven Gerrard does not want to let Hagi leave, as those from Sport Witness say, would have motivated Lazio's bosses to insist even more on moving the novel.

According to some sources www.sport.ro, the Italians are willing to offer more than 10 million for Ianis, the most recent amount being about 13 million euros.

According to the journalists of the HITC publication, Rangers would not be willing to sell it despite the fact that the Romanian did not have a constant game this season. Their announcement came shortly after Gerrard's second, Michael Beale, spoke of Ianis, praising him.

Hagi, transferred by Rangers for 3.4 million euros, has managed 7 goals and 12 assists this season, and the Scottish coach wants to keep him on the team because he will need him in the Champions League next season.

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It makes you wonder why so many would be happy to sell ,why ? we're trying to build a team that can compete at the highest level possible, we wont do that by selling our best young talents before they've reached their peaks ,for themselves and for the club ,it's sporting and financial suicide, sell only we've had him at his best ,then we can sell him at his true value,and it will be much more than 13 million pounds


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Was watching the Munich v PSG match last night. Late on PSG had another great chance to break from the half way line. The kind of pass needed was the type that Hagi played to Kent away in Braga. The PSG player messed up the though ball and it came to nothing.

now I’m not saying that PSG should sign Hagi but when we have a player who is capable of playing that type of ball we should not be selling him on the cheap. IMO we would get more than the figure quoted.


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I think it's more likely one or maybe two of Alfie,Barisic or Kamara will leave this summer.

That said 15 million and 15% sell on would definitely give the staff something to think about. Especially if it means hanging onto one of the above three mentioned should they have someone lined up to replace Ianis.