10 years ago today. ICT 3 tims 2.


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done something i never do and watched the game on some dodgy stream that night

my heart about stopped when that diving bastard went down


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The day i got my mortgage.got back home from the bank and turned on the telly just as it went 3-2.

Govan Rear Ranger

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Met my son at a local juniors match that night. I told him I'd phoned Rugby Park and bought 2 tickets for the last game of the season. He says 'Your hopeful' I said 'Worst case its Walters last game and who knows what will happen at Inverness'

Fast forward an hour or so and all of a sudden I was the greatest faither alive:)


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Awesome , even better ten years later , though it seems like twenty years ago !
A draw would have won them the league as they had a better goal difference.
They won their last three games and so did we but we had one point advantage.
God bless Walter.

Blue Lew

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My memory might be playing tricks but bear with me...
A bear posted midweek (before the game against that lot at Ibrox where they were basically celebrating winning league) and said that his aunt had been to a psychic who said Rangers would win the league. The boy got slaughtered but we got the draw against them and then ICT beat them and we started to believe all sorts of mad stuff :D
I was at a parents meeting when ICT game was on and my phone almost went on fire after the final result. It was crazy and the rest is history.


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Was a tremendous night on FF as well, I didn't realise it started at 6 and got text messages saying the filth were losing, logged onto this forum and enjoyed the result.