15 passes, nine players- Alfie scores!


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Watching Sunday's highlights yet again. Both of our goals were sumptuous passing movements. You need to watch the Sportscene highlights to see them fully as the SPLF and BBC online clips do not fully show the passage of play.
The second goal involved over 15 passes and involved 9 players. (Questions must be asked about why Greegs was unwilling to get forward into attacking positions) :)) It is delightful, patient, passing football and if it was in England MOTD would have endless replays and discussion about our passing and movement. I am not making a point about bias here but Scottish football just does not get the endless analysis and discussion afforded England.
The first goal involved at least 9 passes, although there were more before we see the action in the highlights. It is lovely passing football and a joy to watch when we get into out stride. What a time to be a Bear!


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The first goal was actually 22 passes and every outfield player was involved.

The second goal was 25 passes.
Thanks for that, I was going by the best highlights I could find, I was aware there were more passes - not that many more!
I know we are playing in a relatively poor league and clearly have far superior players to other teams but that kind of passing and movement is about player development and team work.


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No doubt highlighted by all the major media outlets in Scotland.:(
Could you image the looping repeats on every channel if it was the paedohiders team.