18 managers in just under 150 years.

Gazza 8

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William Wilton
Bill Struth
Scot Symon
Davie White
Willie Waddell
Jock Wallace
John Greig
Greame Souness
Walter Smith
Dick Advocaat
Alex McLeish
Paul Le Guen
Ally McCoist
Stuart McCall
Mark Warburton
Greame Murty
Pedro Caxhinha
Steven Gerrard

Apart from 2 or 3 names, that's one hell of an illustrious list.

I find it astonishing that we've only had 18 managers in our entire history.. (Obvously haven't included unofficial/interim appointments)

I'd love to know (too lazy to research) how that stacks up with other clubs across Britain.


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its pretty incredible its only been 18 in such a long time. As you say would be good to forget a couple of the names but otherwise very impressive


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Just a trend of modern football that managerial changes increase and we'll be no different.

A manager who has a lengthy, successful spell at Rangers now might be here for 4 or 5 years at a maximum.


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9 managers in the first 126 years of our existence is still amazing to me. Managers change in the game all the time now.


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Only said on a thread yesterday that only 11 in our history was something I was proud of as a kid. Success is a big indicator of a manger’s stay time. That’s reflected in that list I think.

We’ll never see the likes of Struth at our club again but then the club and “the game” were very different then!

Emperor Smith

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its pretty incredible its only been 18 in such a long time. As you say would be good to forget a couple of the names but otherwise very impressive
I remember reading circa early 2000's of an older fan in the Govan Stand who had been to see The Rangers under every manager we had. He started supporting in the latter years of the Wilton era and was still coming to games under McLeish. (Or it may have been Walter. I'm getting thon addled way myself these days).
That is an incredible achievement.

Gazza 8

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Wouldnt mccall and murty come under this bracket mate?
I was under the impression they would be as they both had full time contracts at the club.

Guys like McDowell, Durrant & Nicholl were what i thought an interim manager was.. guys that that stepped in for a game of two.

Would be delighted if they didn't count and it was only 16 managers.

Porto Loyal

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Do McCall and Murty technically count given they were just caretakers?
McCall counts, he was given s fixed term contract but it was an official appointment.

Murty i though hadn't been given the role but tis was in the statement when he stepped down "Rangers are grateful to Graeme, who did not hesitate when asked last October to become interim manager after the departure of Pedro Caixinha and then, at the turn of the year, when he was offered the role as manager until the end of the season."


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Nacho Novo

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McCall and Murty at his second attempt were both deemed official managers of Rangers by the club. Had this debate before as I didn't think it was right of the club to do this.


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It's a pity we couldn't have gone straight from McCoist to Gerrard, albeit he was still playing then...
Nothing against Stuart McCall, he had an impossible task, but the 3 prior to SG are best forgotten!

I agree in hindsight however, I think most were happy that we went for Mark Warburton at the time. He was receiving very favourable press down south and initially seemed to instill a bit of professionalism. Whilst it ended poorly and he was found out fir being fairly incompetent, he at least got us back into the top flight. Appreciate that's never our benchmark but at least he did 'something'.


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I wouldn’t count McCall, but around the December of that season with Murty he was officially appointed as manager, so he would be counted - unfortunately.


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For the most part, that's an impressive list of managers.

Some very big names on there.

For some, it didn't work out, and we move on. But for others, the achievements bring memories that are not forgotten.
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Surely the answer can be found within Ibrox.
Any posters have any recent pics of the Manager portraits adorning the walls within the Blue Room ?