18 managers in just under 150 years.

Archibald Leitch

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No, I don't consider them to be managers of the club.
Caretaker managers don't count.
I don't discount that both men did their honourable best in the circumstances, but they don't get onto any ceiling mural nonetheless.
I wouldn't count either of the Greames.


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Almost half of them the last 15 years,another thing that rankled since Shyte got the keys.


14 in my life, 13 that I can remember seeing. One of the reasons Is Wallace and Smith having two terms in office.


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William Wilton
Bill Struth
Scot Symon
Davie White
Willie Waddell
Jock Wallace
John Greig
Greame Souness
Walter Smith
Dick Advocaat
Alex McLeish
Paul Le Guen
Ally McCoist
Stuart McCall
Mark Warburton
Greame Murty
Pedro Caxhinha
Steven Gerrard

Apart from 2 or 3 names, that's one hell of an illustrious list.

I find it astonishing that we've only had 18 managers in our entire history.. (Obvously haven't included unofficial/interim appointments)

I'd love to know (too lazy to research) how that stacks up with other clubs across Britain.
FFS apart from Wilton and Struth I've seen us play under all the rest,and I'm 68(69) next month


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One things for sure - it's looking like Gerrard will be the first one in a while to get a mural painted at Ibrox.

Believe PLG was the last one? Think we jumped the gun with that one :rolleyes:

NE Cornerbear

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Only William Wilton outside my lifetime, and when I started going to games we were on our 3rd manager, Scot Symon. IMO Stuart McCall and Murty don't count as they were never appointed manager, only stepping in until an appointment was made.


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I thought Murty was formally appointed as full time rather than Caretaker, though when he stepped back the club rewound a wee bit and thanked him for holding the fort.

To be honest I have no issue with Murty, and him being recognised as Manager, as the he stepped up to the plate when asked, and stepped back when asked. He comes across as a decent guy with a passion for football.