1973 Scottish cup final


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Posted before this was my first ever game I went to.
At 11 years old my mum didn’t allow me to go with my dad, brother and uncle to any games up till this point. ( too wee apparently).
Someone my dad knew couldn’t go and asked him if he knew anyone looking for a ticket.
No mobile phones then and not many had house phones so my dad said he would take me.
It past me bye a little but still enjoyed it.
The rest is history.


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I was at this game, the drink always came first for me back then, so don't remember much of the day, and less of the night, I got of the stuff in Sept. 88 so anything after that I am ok with, love seeing games I was at but don't remember much about.


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My 1st Scottish cup final, Rangers end that day wih my dad.
Biggest crowd I have been in,nearly 123 thousand.
On the way home stuck in traffic the team bus passed us on Battlefield road, John Greig was standing at the front of the bus with the door open waving the cup to all the fans.
Possibly the best final I have attended.


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Remember it well, half a dozen of us got lifted before the game took us down to the local nick, Allison street I think, took our names , let us go, back up to hampden, missed the start of the game.
After so long in their shadow we could see we were starting to come good brilliant result for us & we put down a marker that day.
Came ou the game singing & dancing, someone told us the English cup final result 1-0 to Sunderland, me & my mate had a fiver on the double at 7-1 the two underdogs, YAHOO.
Naw off the train at Glasgow central & bumped into a load of Tim's from the Drum another barny & the police called again, lucky lucky we got away without being charged, but what an eventful day & that was before the party at night


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I would vote for big Tam‘s goal in any vote against any other scored anywhere in the world, any time. The most spectacular pile driver from 6” you will ever seeo_O

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We were in west terracing . Much later in the keystane in James st brigton my mat jim was telling all we were in the FM circle.
He kept saying Fecking Magic all night.
Used to go to the pictures with my girlfriend on a Tuesday,
ten days later in the odeon renfield st and the Pathe news comes on and they show the princess being introduced, the goals and the presentation, all in widescreen, Fecking Magic right enough.


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As kids we'd annoy the Tims on the local football pitch when repeatedly taking turns to re-enact Jaw's piledriver goal. :D


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Looked a great final especially with us winning . Before my time was not walking by then . Loved the size of crowd the roar when we score at end ! Club badge looked huge on shirts . A goal Tam will never forget


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Was 10 and my auld man wouldn't take me to that game. Said the crowd was too big.
Think he may have been right about the crowd but not so right leaving me behind.
Anyway, watched the game with only vivid recollection and that mainly being Jaws netbustrer.
After the game go out to 're enact the game when a couple of boys we knew run up and say " your da' s coming up the avenue pished and singing "
Sure enough, my auld man and his mate were holding each other up taking two steps for every one they were actually moving and belting out the tunes...........all the way home.

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The first Cup final and first Rangers v celtic game I attended.

And a Royal occasion.
Same. Can still rattle off the starting 11. I was 9 years old. Crowd of over 122,000. Barely saw a thing. Loved every minute. Amazing!


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Back then BBC and STV both showed the cup final, hopefully one of them would have it.
I don't think the full game was ever on Tv, both channels had highlights on the Saturday and Sunday.
The 1977 final was the 1st final to be on live tv since the fifties .
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My first cup final I was 13 . My dad got me a ticket for the Rangers end while he was in the main stand. I went with my next-door neighbour who was 17 or 18. Fantastic memories.


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My first cup final. North Enclosure track side right at the dividing fence for the Rangers end. Had a good view of big Grieg’s save on the line!!! What a day, what a result, what a team..unforgettable .