20 footballers blown away by Ibrox atmosphere


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Rangers' iconic atmosphere in quotes
Gianluigi Buffon

"Anfield, in Liverpool, that was one of the few stadiums - along with Rangers in Glasgow and Fenerbahce in Istanbul - where there was such commotion for the first 15-20 minutes that I had trouble concentrating."

Sami Khedira
"My first (Champions League) game was away at Glasgow Rangers and it was phenomenal.

"To this day it was the game with the most impressive atmosphere I have ever experienced.

"I immediately thought... 'this is very special indeed.'

"It had a unique atmosphere, you feel like the whole world is watching and I have loved the competition ever since."
Victor Valdes
"Celtic create a great atmosphere home and away but I still think the most intimidating stadium I have played in was when we played Rangers.

“There must be something about the city of Glasgow because they made so much noise. Normally as a goalkeeper you block out the noise of the fans but the noise they made that night was impossible to ignore.

“We had Henry, Ronaldinho, and Messi playing for us and I can’t think of another occasion when those three were on the same field and we didn’t score.

“Rangers fought like warriors that evening and I am sure a big part of their performance was down to the fans and the atmosphere they create for their players.”
Alessandro Del Piero

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"What I remember... is the great welcome, the warmth of the crowd that pushes and sings for 90 minutes for his team but applauds and respects the opponent.
"I went out with lots of applause, and it was a great honour for me."
Gary Neville

"The loudest atmosphere that I have known, compared to any English ground away from home.

"There have been certain nights at Old Trafford in European games - the ones against Juventus come to mind - when the atmosphere was incredible.

"But this was definitely up there with the best. It was fantastic.

"When we came out at the start I was looking around me and I saw people in the directors’ box jumping up singing and I was wondering what was happening. It is not usually like that."
Thierry Henry

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"I know the atmosphere that's generated here and that makes it tough for any team. I thought the fans were unbelievable again.
"They were not swearing or shouting stupid things, they pushed their team forward and that's great to see."
Marcos Senna
"Usually players don't even hear supporters when we play but it was impossible to ignore the crowd in Glasgow.
"When they scored, the noise was amazing, incredible."
Lotthar Mattheus
"I remember playing once against Rangers in Glasgow. The atmosphere, it was incredible."
Didier Drogba
"Ooh la la! The atmosphere at Ibrox is absolutely magical. To my way of appreciating football, its truly really beautiful. That's how to support your team!"
Ruud van Nistelrooy
"I'll never forget that night we played there. The atmosphere was unbelievable, very hostile."

Lionel Letizi
"I'd been told about the incredible atmosphere but could not believe how loud it was.
"When we arrived and walked out on to the pitch, the stadium was empty because we were early.
"We went back inside to change and when we walked into the tunnel we could hear a rumbling noise.
"And when we went back on to the pitch I could not believe my ears. The sound was terrifying and the game had not even started yet.
"I then had to walk to my goal and when the referee blew his whistle to start the match the sound which came from the stand at my back almost knocked me over."
Dado Prso
"The atmosphere was incomparable, and I had goosebumps throughout the match.
"Since then, I have never experienced anything as intense in any of the other European stadia I've played football in. Rangers are the club I needed to join."
Giovanni van Bronckhorst
"It is not just made up that players can suffer from an intimidating atmosphere when they play at visiting grounds.
"I know from Ruud (Ruud van Nistelrooy) that when we beat PSV at Ibrox in the Champions League he thought it was very frightening. He said it was one of the most atmospheric matches he had ever experienced."
Frank Lampard
"The Rangers fans were awesome, all the lads were talking about it.
"With that kind of backing from their crowd, they will be hard to beat."
Claudio Reyna

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"The noise volume walking out of the tunnel (for the Parma game) is something I will never forget. I never recall another time in my career when the opposing players were all looking at each other in disbelief at the stadium shaking.
"Players like Buffon, Thuram, Ortega, World Cup winners who were just chuckling to each other as they looked around going ‘wow, this is unbelievable’."
Phil Neville
"I must confess that despite my career having taken me to some unbelievable sporting arenas around the world and having savoured remarkable atmospheres, playing at Ibrox was one of the best experiences of my life.
"When the Champions League anthem played the hairs on the back of my neck literally stood straight up and I have never, ever heard noise like that crowd made."
Clarence Seedorf
"The fans were fantastic; it's a beautiful stadium, great pitch - the perfect atmosphere for a football match."
Fabrizio Ravanelli
"I love Scotland because I love the football culture.
"When I was at Juventus, we played against Rangers and I just always remembered this incredible, fantastic, burning atmosphere."
Hernan Crespo
"I've played at Ibrox - the atmosphere in Scottish stadiums is sensational."
Gaizka Mendieta

"We played Rangers at home and it was an incredible atmosphere. We played very well.
"The return game was at Ibrox and the atmosphere was incredible again. The game itself was very exciting. [At half-time] there was a two-goal difference but it felt like it was 0-0 [laughing] because of the way they were playing and the way the fans were behind them, it was incredible."
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Being able to get Ibrox buzzing like that every week would genuinely impact results.

It gets so quiet that players can hear us groaning at them and individuals shouting abuse.


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When the full stadium gets behind the team there is no where in the world to match Ibrox, how many of us have stood there with tears in our eyes out of Pride?
It doesn’t happen domestically at all anymore , an old firm now is tame compared to even 20 years ago and positively lame compared to 40 years ago .

Europe is the only night at Ibrox where we will Perhaps continue to see any kind of proper atmosphere, for example recently rapid Vienna and Braga really decent . However I have my doubts we will ever recreate the likes of Leeds , Kiev or Parma at Ibrox . Society has changed and sadly the collective passion in football just isn’t there any more . Having said that even though diminished Ibrox still pisses on most Other european grounds For atmosphere so it’s all relative . It’s declined everywhere .


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I cannot wait for our first night back in the Champions League proper, whenever that may be. Whoever we play will never forget it.

The amount of top quality players on that list that say how fans can affect performance, we need to be doing everything to maximize this with safe standing etc.
Safe standing isn't permitted in the Champions League, its why sides who have it install rail seating for the matches.


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You can bet the Braga players got a proper shock when the 2nd and 3rd goals went in. They normally play in front of a morgue.
Thought this myself at the time. When they spurned that chance to go 0-3 and then Hagi scored, they were spooked.


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Atmosphere is not just noise, and it's not just the noise that gives Ibrox its atmosphere. The Centre Court, and Lord's cricket ground are known for their atmospheres; which hardly means noise. The atmosphere at Ibrox begins outside, in the approach to the Stadium; it goes from the streets outside to the ground itself. It's not just a great football venue, it's a great sporting venue.
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SouthEast Jim

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Great post but Henry "They were not swearing..".

I think there may have been one or two sweary words uttered :)
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The one question I always like to hear an answer from for anyone who has played in the game is “what is the most intimidating atmosphere you have played in”. It makes such a difference having a brilliant crowd for 90 minutes and pre match makes such a difference as well.


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Those Drogba comments are from the time we played Chelsea in a friendly at Ibrox I'm sure.

I have never in all my days following Rangers experienced an atmosphere like that for a pre season friendly and when Sebo came on and scored the f.ucking place went mental!



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Thierry Henry

"I know the atmosphere that's generated here and that makes it tough for any team. I thought the fans were unbelievable again.
"They were not swearing or shouting stupid things, they pushed their team forward and that's great to see."

Aye Thierry , wait till the 3rd minute bad pass against Hamilton Accies. :)) :))


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Gary Neville is bang on. The noise before that game was incredible. I have never heard it like that. Even against the tarriers. Didn't Phil Neville score really early on.


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Ibrox for the Old Firm or a Euro night. Nothing like it. Its why I struggle to really grt into the EPL, La Liga etc - some great players and great teams but %^*& me man, I'm not going to go mental, end up in another row and rip my jeans like I did when Hemdani equalised against Osasuna or end up celebrating with a Copper like when we scored the first against Villareal in the CL knockout round.

Johnny Yen

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In years gone by, the atmosphere against the filth and at the big European games was incredible, Bobby Robson was at Ibrox against the filth in 88, we beat them 5-1, he said after it he had never heard noise like it, he was bewildered.

It is often mentioned on here but the Kiev game was unreal, something just clicked that night, I can’t recall Ibrox ever being noisier for a European game.