4LHaD blog. Mistakes, missed chances and poor officiating, at some point groundhog day has to stop

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The reaction from the weekend in this blog and on here has been way, way OTT

Barring a couple of howlers defensively and finishing we played reasonably well. Referee had a big say in the match again


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The reaction from the weekend in this blog and on here has been way, way OTT

Barring a couple of howlers defensively and finishing we played reasonably well. Referee had a big say in the match again

Gents, I understand what you say, but we have now dropped 4 easy points away from home in only 8 games.
'Groundhog Day' doesn't even come close.

Gerrard has been getting plaudits for his tactics in Europe, and rightly so.
But he still hasn't worked out the Scottish game, and must receive in my opinion equal amount of criticism for still not doing this.

And if we are stop 'them'... this cannot continue.


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I find it hard to believe that Gerrard who was a world class midfielder,who drove his team on, and chipped in with important goals, cannot get the engine room of the side, more industrious and scoring goals.
Let's hope he can bring in some quality, soon in this window.


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Fantastic article. Nails all the pertinent points, particularly the clubs lack of willingness to call out the outrageous decisions that go against us.


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They were. But so were we. We missed many great chances. Again.

ive been hearing a phrase - on another day we would have scored x - for years. It never changes. There is no excuse for those chances being passed up.

No one could disagree with that but i cant help thinking that we are now at the stage with bent officials where even if we do beat them and the opposition by taking these chances/defending properly, all it means is onto the next game and another crazy tart fired up to perform for the scottish media and influence the result.

The best teams in world sport lose bad goals or miss sitters, no one plays well every week, maybe what we are asking of this team is too much. Beat the diddy clubs while they blooter us around often after playing an important euro tie, better the tims over the season, and deal with the most corrupt and dishonest officials in world sport while picking up injuries and suspensions all the time. Something Celtic dont have to worry about as their players dont get kicked around the park and refs never show them red cards.

We keep asking why Gerrard wont speak about the refs i think its cos he sees it as a problem he cannot fix something thats part of the game up here. Maybe hes stunned we are so weak and frightened of this problem that we often focus on a good player thats been well worth the money making the odd dreadful blunder.

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Goldson, Tav, Kamara and others are playing in the Spfl and not the epl for a reason, they are all excellent players but are prone to brain farts which they cannot excise from their game, this tendency to feck up at crucial moments is what separates winners from losers in sport as in life the ones who make the least mistakes tend to be the winners.


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The 4LHAD twitter page has been blocking people that don't agree with his comments.

'Fan media'


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It absolutely pains me how our manager is one of the best midfielders of his generation yet he couldnt spot a midfielder to save himself, he also loved to shoot yet not one of our midfielders seem to be allowed to shoot or have confidence in shooting.

It was the same with Davie Weir as assistant, amazing defender yet our defence was a comedy club!

Why cant they see it?! Its so infuriating!!


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A hint in there that he has had enough of Gerrard maybe? Some good points but in the whole the article is way over the top in my opinion. Obviously I am in the minority on FF.

We’ve won only 3 of our last 10 away games in the league that’s very worrying to say the least.


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For me, the biggest misses were Jack shoring up the back, when Tav and Borna are asked to drive forward, and the lack of movement up front. We were a bit one dimensional up front and never really pulled their defensive central pairing out of position for the whole match. We made it a bit too easy for two pretty ordinary central defenders.

Those two issues, in my opinion, were the main contributors to Sunday’s draw.

What worries me more is that Jack, Roofe and Barker? all look to be out for a few weeks. So, this next spell could be nail biting stuff.


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Just a few minutes in to the H&H podcast and they’ve summed it up very well. We didn’t play badly, but we saw everything which we’ve come to (sadly) expect from us under Gerrard.
And thats the problem, these results are not entirely unexpected. Yes the referees are an issue and contribute but we had chances to finish them off and we had chances to stop them scoring both goals.


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Two things in this and the replies for me that I would Question or try to explain. But struggle to argue with anything other than the two points below;

1 - Criticism for Tavernier and Barisic at the goals is understandable but given it was the same player one on one to we need to give Boyle some credit and just accept he is a very decent player that both our full backs were wary of? Lots laughed on here when other posters said we could do worse than look at him...I was unsure as hadn’t seen enough but I do know we are very very seldom to give opponents credit even when it’s due.

2 - the Gerarrd not fixing the midfield blind spot is not quite that for me. He watched his Liverpool with himself as this bombastic all action centre mid Crashing goals in win a few domestic cups and one european cup but zero league titles. I think he sees Liverpool now and how they dominate and Is trying to emulate that side rather than take anything from his era.


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Every team makes mistakes.
Every team has players that miss chances and/or have defensive lapses.

Not every team has a constant, unremitting and clear-as-day bias against them from match officials.

We could sign Messi, de Bruyne and the cream of world soccer.
And they'd still be hacked off the pitch, booked and red-carded for nothing, injured so badly that they're out for months, and cheated by all those "marginal" decisions that never really seem to even themselves out for us.

The Blog above mentions our Club's unwillingness to face this problem.
But it really IS the major factor facing us in Scottish football.

I actually thought that Borna's defensive error(s) in the first goal was far worse than Tav's, and that the absence of anyone in blue marking a line of Hibs players waiting to shoot in was appalling.

However if the match had been reffed fairly, we'd have won.
It wasn't, and we'll never be allowed to win any league title until our Board has the guts to address it.
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