Bear in Mind 5 Questions (Aberdeen at Home)


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Feels like forever, welcome back

There are 5 questions to complete

Each question is worth 3 points

If you use the 'clue' you only get 1 point.

Out of a maximum score of 15, the pass mark is 9

Let me know if you pass or fail

*** QUESTION 1 ***

Name the 2 bears

Clue :



*** QUESTION 2 ***

Work out the text behind the colours

You need to get all colours to get the 3 points

Clue :

Answer :


*** QUESTION 3 ***

Work out the text behind the colours

You need to get all colours to get the 3 points

Clue :

Answer :

*** QUESTION 4 ***

Name the scorer

Clue :
Opposition was Aberdeen


*** QUESTION 5 ***

4 players who have signed for us and West Brom Albion

1 point if you get 3


There is no 'clue' or 'answers' available for this question, its all or nothing.

To post a spoiler, click on the first set of 3 dots then click on the 'masked eyes' symbol that is to the right and type your answer between the two spoilers that appear.

Please don't post any answers in your reply, if you want to mention an answer then please include it within a 'spoiler'.

Lets see those comments

COME ON Rangers


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Welcome back.

Strange day today for me on the quiz.

Q1 - 0 points.
Q2 - 3 points. Normally struggle to get even q point with this one.
Q2 - 3 points. Again normally struggle with this one.
Q4 - 0 points. First time I've failed to get the goal. Could not see it at all even with the clue.
Q5 - 3 points. Answer - Willie Johnston, Jimmy Nicholl, Andy Gray, and Max Murray

So 9/15 and happy with that :)


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Just realised I missed seeing the quiz this morning, so this should get it back on page 1 of the board.

Q1 3pts. Once you get one you get the other.
Q2 3pts. To be honest, just about the only 2 clubs Iknew for sure he played for.
Q3 1pt. No memory of the game, the initials in the clue combined with the date made guessing quite easy.
Q4 3pts. I was jumping around the living room when that went in.
Q5 3pts.

Close, but no cigar.

Willie Johnston, Derek McInnes, Andy Gray, Kyle Bartley
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Thank you for asking about the new job

It is going very well, very strange working from home, it has its pros and cons but I am just thankful to be employed during these difficult times.

All good your end?
Glad all is going good for you.

All fine here, trying to get in the Christmas spirit. Rangers doing so well is a boost though, roll on Thursday.
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