7 of our next 9 league matches away from home


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Presumably we're away from home following the majority if not all europa games then?? How convenient
No, we are away after 2 of the four. The way it has worked out is that we have a home league game after an away EL game and vice versa.


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The last 4 of those are certainly not pretty but, imo, we are so potent that teams are going to have to score 3 times to beat us. That ain't gonna happen often.

We’re conceding at the rate of 0.625 goals a game in the league. That would have to go up by a factor of nearly five before we’re losing three.

Our problems last year was not putting games against the dross to bed and then shooting ourselves in the foot late in the game. It wasn’t losing three goals that fecked us up, it was losing unnecessary goals.


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I know we've won them all - but our away performances in Scotland to date haven't been great. We really need to pick things up.

Killie we dug deep but performance was rank, and we struggled against St Mirren, St Johnstone and Livingston in the cup.
Teams are being set up to prevent football so a 2-0 win, even if comfortable, will be frustrating and crap to watch. Teams aren’t even coming out after going behind incase they get hammered. A big part of their game plan, if it can be called that, is to frustrate us Rangers fans into getting on the teams back. Which tbf is the easiest thing they’ll do on a pitch v this Rangers team.
I don’t think it means we’re scraping through games or rubbish domestically, just shows the difference when teams want to come and play.


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Assuming we get to the league cup final, we have 11 league games before the winter break. 8 will be away from home and 3 will be at home.

After the break and before the split we will have 14 games with 5 being away and 9 being at home.

If we go into the winter break top of the league I am confident we will go onto win the league.


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This thread is an embarrassment.
To think that someone is painstakingly trying to manipulate fixtures is up there with membership for the flat earth society.
The fixtures post split is a different matter that can be debated but for the normal season there are far too many variables to even try to do that.
The adminstrators who set the schedule have to respond to TV requests, Cup fixtures, Europa league fixtures and FIFA/UEFA International fixtures.
I believe we are harshly dealt with in certain ways but I don't believe the fixture list is one of them.


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Home games the weekend of the league cup semi and final (assuming we get there) will have to be moved.

On the flip side it means we’ll have plenty of home fixtures after the Winter break. Don’t see the point complaining. Granted rearranged home league games on a Wednesday night seem to be our weak spot!


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It's times like these that I'm so glad that we have a large and talented squad. There are some 'banana-skins' in that fixture list, and we'd do well come away with 23pts.

Running the table, on the other hand, would be a really superb achievement. If we were to pull it off, then I think we could start looking forward to 55 with great optimism.