8 Years Ago Today - Administration


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At the time I worked for an employer and he asked me what the phuck I'd done all day as no work was done. I was on the net all day refreshing pages.


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Horrible day. We've been to some dark places since then but the light is coming through the tunnel just a bit. Yes we're all disappointed at recent results but we'll always be here for our wonderful club

Captain Cutlass

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Apart from any family tragedies that happen in your lifetime, the only time I felt totally dumbstruck by seeing news on TV was watching the planes crashing into the Two Towers and finding out my club had actually gone into administration.
It was almost like normal reality had been suspended and it all got a bit surreal!

Prestwick_ Bear

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I think this thread should really put into perspective where we are today- more good play than bad, great euro run, good young assets in the team and beating the unwashed...yip sure we’ve hit the buffers over jan Feb (again) but let’s get perspective here
Good post that mate.

Thinking back on that dreadful day and compare it to our current situation really puts things into perspective. Onwards and upwards and most of all we have The Famous to follow and support.


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Shed many a tear and tbh it changed my whole attitude to this country. People may say how can a football club have such an impact on your life ? Because our club represented not just my football but my way of life. Even to this day FF is the only place that I find a common belief and share so many things not just football but everything that effects my life. We really are the people.
At the time I thought this will take a massive amount of Time to get back to our place in football. I said 10 years and I still believe that.
Wednesday night proved that.
I’m not saying I agree with everything said in here or even expect a return on what I post but this is our club it’s what we are all about. At times though we are our own worst enemy. If we don’t win a trophy this year it will be seen as a disaster. No eight years ago was a disaster. Like it or lump it we are still in a recovery phase. Ignore the irrelevance across the city. Tainted titles.
Any bears in doubt should stay strong , we are taking hits all over the place. The media are feeding on the negativity. They thrive on any setback. They built us up just after the win against them knowing full well that the fallout would far exceed the desire to win. They swarm and wait for any negativity to feed the desire for them to do 10. Don’t give in to them bears don’t face the devil of evil , don’t buy the papers don’t listen to the radio don’t click on the links to give them the adverts they want.
We are still in recovery , we will get back to where we belong. We are the Rangers.


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Whats the point of this group crywank of a thread? Posts are being screen grabbed all over social media.

Blastie Bear

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Apart from Ibrox disasters, the darkest hour for our club.
It's been bloody hard at times. We have paid big time for the Murray era


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One of most horrible yet also surreal days i can remember.
Whyte has so much goodwill towards him coming after the charlatan Murray that right up to that moment he had my trust without reservation.
Then that day happened, his bizarre statement at the main entrance.


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Even though the rumours had been kicking around from the previous day, when the news came through officially, I was literally dumbstruck. Mind was racing at a million miles an hour and no words seemed capable of describing the complete shock.

All I could think of was that we might lose the club forever and of all the loyal staff who's jobs were now seriously under threat. For far too many, that fear was realised.

Eight years on, the effects are still being felt, and I don't think that feeling will end until we win the league and get back into the prestige and financial reward of the Champions League.

Until then, the financial chasm will always be with us, and the wrongs will remain unrighted.


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Only 8 years? It certainly feels like a lifetime. I really need to see a trophy.

Groundhog nights like Wednesday test my resolve but we will prevail.

Klos 1

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A truly horrific day can rmbr going out that nite with the Mrs for Valentines nite. Didn’t enjoy anything I ate that nite, all I could think about was our great club, I was naive to think it would be sorted within a few weeks. Can rmbr going raj with Fenians in work completely losing it with them, needless to say they never spoke to me again about it. Will Honestly admit it affected me massively, it consumed my every thought. I would go to sleep worrying about it, wake up thinking about it. Didn’t have a decent nights sleep for months.

Would be on here to all hours every night waiting on the next Klaxon Jackson exclusive & it was followed usually by another kick in the balls. That day we got demoted & I knew our club would survive starting in the 3rd division was nothing but relief. The “journey” back I didn’t enjoy but still went to all the games. This amazing club of ours meaning everything to me & to all of us I’m sure. After what we went through I now love this club of ours more than ever. When 55 arrives & it will, it might not be this season but it’s coming. When it arrives I will shed tears of joy. WATP


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The absolute worst feeling as a football supporter I have ever felt. I genuinely felt like just leaving Scotland for about 2 years after it too. I'd go so far as to say I've never ever got over it. I don't think we as a support have ever recovered either. We lost our trust in everything that day
I think I’m with you on that. And the way Scotland is now I’m not sure Ive recovered yet . We need something to make us feel that a real corner has been changed.


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Out with family deaths this was the worst day of my life and I will never forget it. The news came through on sky sports and then I went to my room and watched videos and had a cry. There was a video posted on YouTube with the song Ibroxania and all different clips of games and moments from Rangers games. I balled my eyes out at this and the thought of not having Rangers was unthinkable. What would I do? Who would I support ? I couldn’t support another Scottish team, I would need to support an English team. Now we are back where we belong, the last few weeks haven’t went to plan but we are where we are. I hate every team in Scotland more than I ever have, and more importantly love Rangers more than I ever have.


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Perhaps I was naive but I think this was the day that it really dawned on me how much hatred there was for our club from the whole of Scottish football. I will NEVER forgive or forget the way they put the boot in and when 55 comes it will be all the sweeter. Just a pity it is unlikely to be this season but we are in a far far better place than we were. Yesterday I found a match magazine as it was called that I hadn't looked at for years. Rangers V Berwick Rangers SFL3 4 May 2013. Ally McCoist and Lee McCulloch on the cover holding the SFL3 Trophy. Some of the names in the squad that day. Argyriou, Cribari, Faure, Gasparrato, Black,Murdoch, Templeton, Cole. Think on that and how far we ghave come from almost oblivion. Yes Wednesday hurt but I repeat we are in a far better place.


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I remember driving and listening to the radio and feeling somewhat relived that whyte had managed to get his preferred choice of administrators in, how wrong was I?
Same mate, remember thinking that we had won the first of many battles. Totally duped


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Difficult to articulate what I mean, but I’ve never really 100% enjoyed following the team since. Even on the really good days, there’s always a nagging feeling that things aren’t quite as they should be. Like a beautiful painting with a tiny flaw, which once noticed you can never ignore.

I remember flying up to go to the Killie game which was the first after the event. A grim day in every sense.
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