9 in a row squad


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What do you think in today's market our 9 in a row squad would cost what a team we had during they years

Best gk in Britain possible Europe Goram
Best cd Gough
Best mid gazza
Winger laudrup
St super ally

Them alone would cost a fortune

Just watching the city v Chelsea game our team back then would skelp them imop


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I think you are slightly over estimating the 9IAR side, with all due respect.

Given we were horsed regularly in Europe, I'm not sure where the confidence that we'd skelp Pep's City or the European champions comes from.

Also, Gough was miles past his best by the time of NIAR.


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At their peak all you have mentioned would be worth serious money. The team that clinched 9 in a row however as a squad would not fair well against top European sides. It was an ageing team and there were a few who weren't quite European level.


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Watching this game, it was quite a decent 1st half. I predicted 2-1 to city earlier, but I'm thinking it could end 0-0. Both teams have got fire in their bellies!


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As much as I love the 9IAR sides:

1. We were absolutely abysmal in Europe bar 92/93. We didn't take many big scalps, it was mostly serious disappointment as we got.pumped by teams on a fraction of our budget.

2. We became far too reliant on Laudrup & Gascoigne - you just can't do that at the top level. I actually think some of our players went down a level when we had those guys in the side.

3. Remember that for all the legends mentioned by the OP, players like MacPherson, Cleland, Murray, etc were all regulars for periods of time - it wasn't 11 globetrotters, there were always journeymen in and around the starting 11.

4. Many of the players mentioned peaked at very different times. We never seen peak Laudrup/Gazza alongside peak McCoist/Hateley for example. 9 years is a long time!

5. Teams like City and Chelsea are shopping at Harrods. Even during 9IAR or Advocaat years, we were shopping a few levels down.


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Football has changed so much for most of these debates to have any real merit but in this instance I doubt our 9IAR team that failed in Europe every season (bar one) would lay a glove on two of the best teams in Europe right now in City or Chelsea.


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Perhaps the 9IAR squad isn't the best example but those players in their prime and many others who we had during those 9 years would cost a fortune in today's market. Unfortunately, the reality is that if global football finance back then were like they are today, it's highly unlikely we could have signed the English contingent such as Woods, Butcher, Hateley, Steven, Stevens etc. or players like Miko. We were truly blessed to get the opportunity to watch guys like that on a regular basis.

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