A Club built for Erin

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Love the first couple of replies from mentally challengeds.


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It's honestly a fcking cult full of the weirdest creeps. Like I love Rangers, love the football, love the community around the club... but it doesn't warp my thinking and cause the kind of bizarre, slavish devotion you see among so many of these crackpots.

bear wi nae hair

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Some of the comments are just comedy gold.

They’ve now become a parody of themselves.

And they’ve started copying us with MyGers, very badly.

The club built to copy everycunt.

the first three I read


“who gives a %^*&?”

“here’s my story - announce a fucking manager”


“does she have her coaching badges”
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Anyone who thinks this is a real photo should genuinely have their access to the internet revoked for life. I’m serious.

If they believe clearly edited shite like this, god help us when it comes to deep fakes etc and then that person being allowed to vote or reproduce.
It was one of their own supporters who posted it accusing them of lying to the fans, so it’s all good

SW Bear

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I can’t stop watching that cringe fest. It gets worse/funnier every time.
I put off watching it, but finally did - when you get right though the slathered on sentimentality and its alright when it aw Tim's together- she does finish off with how important it is to have a season ticket.


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Hahaha people in the comments saying she’s an actress they’ve hired and is actually a Ross County fan with pics as evidence
Dear oh dear.

I wonder if mega-fan Erin got paid for that heap of dung. I’d like the media to ask every one of them two questions: 1. Do you think the IRA bombing campaign against civilians was justified? 2. Do you think Hamas are correct in attacking Israeli women and children.

The answer would put to bed their ‘loveable’ Glasgow-Irish personna.

I did like her saying about the world’s most notorious child sex ring that ‘It's a way of life. It's a culture. It's a religion… almost like a family member’.

The family member that club resembles, I guess, would be some creepy, jakey kiddy-fiddling uncle from ‘the old country’ that everyone would not trust to babysit.

That club is heading for disaster if Desmond does not bail them out.


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What a load of crap too.

Imagine going to a wedding and that one is there, and they all burst into tears at the end of YNWA ?


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Had a quick look at that *Patriot Game account and no one will be surprised to hear that it’s full of Republican propaganda, so Findlay and her little apprentice Boyle will be right at home there.
Can we just stop for one minute and try to imagine a young Rangers “poet” who describes them self as Glasgow-Ulster and regularly contributes to an account that promotes the “Loyalist struggle”? The meltdown would be unfathomable it would be all over TV, radio, social media and the club would be accused of promoting sectarian terrorism, it’s a joke.

This tweet is on their timeline “Season ticket renewals released on the sly, prices frozen at last years increased price
Oh and they want it up front
They are living in a fantasy world.
Starve them out folks”
Yet their poster girl is promoting buying season tickets. What is with that lot and their morals going out the window when some money is to be made?
She also has a Palestinian flag on her twitter handle. Very surprising.


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Stupid, manky wee slag.

"At family gatherings and weddings, we always finish the night with Celtic songs and YNWA"... Must be some f*cking laugh in amongst that lot when they get together.
YNWA ......is her family all scousers as that is and always will be a Liverpool song same as they stole hail hail from Glentoran pikey bastards

Silgni RFC

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Why the %^*& is that mentally challenged boot getting her ugly spoonheid on everywhere? Get her and her shitey accent to absolute %^*&. Away and cry with the rest of your no doubt manky mongrel family about the Kings Of Scotland bulldozing their way to number 55.
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