A long time coming!” | Kenny Miller on Rangers as 55th title edges closer


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He scored some massive goals for us over his time and always gave everything. I'm a fan of Kenny Miller.

Yes, he played for that lot but are you telling me that he never atoned for that in his 2nd spell here? 49 goals in 81 games and 5 trophies in 3 seasons. Not many can match that.

Plus, he put that mob to the sword many a time


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His spell at Celtic probably means he’ll never be classed as a legend, but he’s a proper modern day hero for me. A class act on and off the pitch. Got treated like shite for demanding the standards out club deserves
This is very much my take on it, his spell with them has denied him the plaudits he probably deserves.

Berrytoon Bear

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You actually went the effort to Google that and post it on a Rangers forum.

You should be banned ya clown. Hope all his goals against the scum haunted ye.
Never haunted me, no.
Ran past us after scoring that thumping their badge, not for me.
Undoubtedly done a job for us but could never take to him after that.


Great player for us. When we needed an imortant goal in a big match Kenny could usually be relied on to come up with the goods.


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Get why it’s a split opinion. For me he redeemed himself but obvs shouldn’t be near HOF because of Celtic move, but he has done more for us than most in the HOF imo.

Blue Lew

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Hideous accent aside, I really liked Kenny Miller.
He gave his all for the club and absolutely terrorised the Papes. I wasn’t lucky enough to see him bag a double at The Piggery.