A photo I hadn't seen before

Fitba Juice

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Mate sent me it, said "recognise anyone?"
I said, aye, Jimmy Nicholl. Then it hit me.
What was he doing at Ibrox?
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Brian Laudrup

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Andy the photo doctor has a colourised version of it with Neic with red,white and blue on his stripped jumper

Walkers Loyal

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The boy next to tlb doing my head in it's like I should know him.
It’s been on here before mate. Many, including me think he’s the image of a young Scott Nisbett, although apparently it’s a young lad from Northern Ireland instead.
maybe that’s who he’s reminding you of?


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It’s Nichol , Lennon , nisbet and I think Billy dodds although not certain on the last one on the right


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He was a Liverpool fan as a lad. It's only since he joined the scum that they became his 'boyhood club'


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It's been in the papers. He came over with some other young lads from NI with a view to maybe signing at some point. His father was there and the question of his religion was covered in discussions with Jock Wallace.


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That photo's been posted on here countless times even in just the past 6 months. I must be on here too much since it always amazes me when people say they've never seen something like this.