A picture of Celtic Park that lingers

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It defies believe that as this country was about to enter it,s worst crisis since the second world war . A time when all evidence suggested correctly that thousands of lives would be lost to the Corona virus that at that time these people saw fit to parade their manager in a news conference to pitch that the S.P.FL title should be awarded to them .


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They are the worst winners in football. They don’t know how to enjoy winning as their inferiority complex doesn’t allow it. Success for them is all about getting it up us.

Handed a title by vote and their first thought is to break into Ibrox or go to the stadium and pish on the gates.

They are in their comfort zone when they are chasing us and playing the oppressed victim.


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I don’t think there can be any argument, they are “A club like no other”
and for that the world should be eternally grateful