Article A tribute to Walter Smith by the Govanhill Gub


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The best tributes to great Rangers men are written by others with Rangers in their blood.

So much of that brilliant piece reflected exactly how I was thinking at the time.


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You’re a wee sh1te GG. You do tremendous eulogies that set me off. Still got the nearest and dearest to me. Always a pleasure to read your words and the occasional chats up the Square remind me of the halcyon days and Absent Friends


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Great article, thank you.

I was another that expected us to do better in Europe, no idea why it never really clicked with the talent we had, especially in the early to mid 90's.
In saying that, the man took us to a CL semi-final(equivalent of) and the UEFA Cup Final, which was extra special for me, as I lived and worked in Manchester at the time.

I'm going to be a mess watching the game tonight, so many flashbacks to good times.