Aberdeen manager red carded for responding to sectarian chants

Walt Longmire

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Totally agree with this post. If sectarian behaviour is wrong then it is wrong all of the time irrespective of who is the perpetrator and who is the victim.

Given that we need to clean our own doorstep first. Then we can criticise others with credibility.
You're only half right.

What's wrong is wrong, yes.

But we are well entitled to criticise others with credibility. We are the only club to unreservedly criticise , and apologise for, unacceptable chanting. Nothing from the Sheep and whataboutery from the Tarriers. We have outlawed our most rousing song, an action no other club has taken or been asked to take by the media.

Our 'doorstep is clean' - a well scrubbed Protestant doorstep. It's tantamount to unilateral disarmament. We're held to a different standard in this respect as much as in refereeing issues in games.