MOTM Poll Aberdeen v Rangers - 12:30 Saturday - Sky Sports


  • McGregor

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Tavernier

    Votes: 4 0.3%
  • Goldson

    Votes: 25 2.0%
  • Balogun

    Votes: 650 52.2%
  • Barisic

    Votes: 1 0.1%
  • Kamara

    Votes: 3 0.2%
  • Jack

    Votes: 14 1.1%
  • Hagi

    Votes: 7 0.6%
  • Kent

    Votes: 272 21.8%
  • Aribo

    Votes: 251 20.1%
  • Morelos

    Votes: 18 1.4%
  • Arfield

    Votes: 1 0.1%

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can definitely tell Ally doesn't watch much Scottish football, going on about Eduoard's "physicality" for a game V us :D

scored a goal where we were trying to play an offside trap at Ibrox and scored a goal that came off his hand at the scumdome which Clancy should have disallowed but didn't. He did nothing physical like Dykes or Cosgrove against our CBs last year and in all honesty, did nothing other than score the two aforementioned goals


Comfortable enough, Balogun a steal, composed and good pace, Kent good. Tav poor, needs replaced, Kamara too negative, some worries, very much like a lot of last season, dominating and not putting teams away.
Alfie a shadow of the player at the start of last season, his heads not in it, freshen up the midfield, new attackers, new captain and a goalie who’s not rooted to his line and we will be up there.
Just beat aberdeen away and your talkin about changing the full team .


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All those saying no drive from midfield, Kent and Hagi were similar, the only one, was Aribo. Even Joe dropped it for a period of 2nd half.
Gameplan was to score 1st and control the ball, Sheep are powderpuff upfront so for them to get at us they had to open up but they didn’t have the tools to do that.
No fans meant no influence on Ref to give dodgy free kicks, so the only attacking option for sheep was gone.
Easiest game up there for a while.


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I never understood the people that talk down Goldson. Our most consistent player over two years. Never hides and is obviously a massive influence on the pitch.

I remember watching an Inside Ibrox from last year with big Connor geeing up the other players. They were going out for the pre match warm up.
The biggest myth within our support is that Goldson is rotten. He’s top, top drawer

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3 points in the bag and a clean sheet. That's a job well done. First half we controlled the game without creating many chances. The second half was a bit nervy anytime the got a set piece. Great debut from Balogun. Aribo and Kent had a great game. Morelos needs to lose weight.

On to Thursday. WATP


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I must admit was a bit concerned the longer the game went on at one nil. Performance could be better but great goal. Clean sheet and 3 points. Enjoy your weekend bears


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Would have taken that beforehand.

Still think our midfield could be more positive though. Not killing teams off will bite us on the arse. Again.
Yep I agree to a point with you but I think it's certain that at least one midfielder will come in and help out there. But I know I am not a Tavernier fan and again today his slack passing irritated and worried me, I saw Gerrard having a word with him at the end regarding mistakes he had made and was giving him a bit of advice I hope he listens.

Davie Weir

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Fair play, you're right that Balogun is starting but I think that is an absolutely crazy decision. Really crazy.

Away at Pittodrie and we've switched to a CB pairing who've never played in a game together.

Add the fact that Goldson and Edmundson kept clean sheet after clean sheet in the friendlies then it makes it even more of a bad decision for me.
Worked out well enough ;)

Kingdom Bear

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He had

In injury time at 1-0, unless it’s an easy finish, you keep the ball. He clearly didn’t fancy scoring so made the right decision to pass the ball.
Problem being it’s not just those circumstances in this game that he is shot shy (Ross County being an exception) ... it’s definitely something our team lacks