Match Thread Aberdeen v Rangers - 13:00 Sunday 5th - Sky Sports


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credit to the team, unfortunate to lose the goal. When you've played nearly the whole match with 10, taken the lead in that time, defended well, there's always gong to be a chance...Aberdeen won't keep getting away with it. That was brutal from Dolly.


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The officials sent off a Rangers player as soon as they could! Disgrace.
But I'll tell you one thing. We played great today. Might not have got the 3 points that we deserved but lots of positives.
Fucking raging at that!
The lads gave their all, only so much you can do when the ref ruins the game early on.
6 added minutes pulled from his arse into the bargain.
Gutted to lose a goal so late on after leading for so long with 10 men. However, I can see massive improvements from last season. I think we would probably have lost that last season.
Think every player can hold their heads up high there (except Murphy imo). We gave it everything. Sheepshaggers going mental after scraping a draw last minute against 10 men for over 80 mins.

What that game shows me is that we are here for the long run.


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Absolutely sick.

Threw that away against a team a shite hammer throwers.

Same old shit.
Grow a set man ! If the rules were applied properly, he'd have had to send off two Sheepshaggers. Jack off for concussion also and no card for a player jumping right through him ???

Again, we are compromised, it's there for all to see the opponent should be down men too and it never comes. That prick on Arfield, McKay-GhayBhoy..persistent tackling and launching a ball at an opponent, the big sheep striker acting the thug for 90 minutes ?

Again, where's yer baws sw26 ?!


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Excuses? We played nearly a full game with 10 men and were cheated out of beaten the side that finished above us last season. The team did well given the circumstances.

Same old players letting us down though at the end
I know you are probably dying to get stuck in to Tav , but watch the replay , yes Tav was bullied out the way but it was Goldson diving out the way of the ball in a weird legs first motion that was the real error. I have no idea what he was thinking
Only ourselves to blame? Except for the shocking red for Morelos, red that should have been for Dom Ball and 6 imaginary minutes of stoppage time.
Woeful excuses. We had the lead with minutes left. The whole second half our passing was rotten and kept giving Aberdeen the ball back which just invited the pressure on. A decent midfield would have kept possession better.


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The sheep knew who were the much better team today, lots of positives to take from this game. Hopefully SG will speak up regarding the awful ref decisions.


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Very unlucky,Jack going off was a really bad break for us,the wee man was running the game,once more Windass decision making let him down,the move when he shot instead of the easy square ball sums him up.


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Fucking sickening!

I really hope Gerrard slates that refereeing performance.

Cheating aside, absolutely convinced we are moving in the right direction and will challenge this season.

Lost the midfield a bit after Jack went off, not sure the changes helped, but overall really pleased with the team today.
look at the bigger picture people......... we looking good for the season.. very impressed with our 10 men against well 12.. we gonna kick some serious shit this season.
Battled well. Failure to to exploit opportunities on the break and Jack going off injured were pivotal moments from our perspective. Gerrard has now seen what he’s up against. He’s got to give them both barrels.
When the injury time board came up we should have brought mccrorie on for windass, get the guys behind ball and see out the result, leave kent up if we wanted an attack outlet, SG always refers to game management and we never done it in injury time both with ball retention or using the spare sub

Having said that, without the red we would have won comfortably


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Well done Rangers. It was a brave display. The sheep know in their hearts we’re finishing above them this season.


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Gutted. Yes we done well a man down but let's be real , the Sheep were fvcking rank . Got to be able to hold a lead with minutes to go . Thats a needless two points lost.
Let's hear it for plucky Aberdeen now. Had to play an extra half hour on Thursday which has left them absolutely knackered. The referee obviously took that into consideration and sent Morelos off to even up the score. Never sent Dom off because the penalty was enough and all the late tackles etc was because of Aberdeen's timing being slightly off.

There you go, the media's excuses all rolled into one and I would send Mac out there and save SG the fine and suspension.
Cheated, no other word for it. They got away with murder and what about 6 minutes injury time? Time questions were asked of the officials. Losing Jack to injury cost us and May got off Scot free. Sound familiar?


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definitely think our subs were the wrong choices but proud of the team, fought like lions against 14men, last season we would have collapsed.


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One lucky, lucky shot at the end after playing so well for so long and we have people on here going on about substitutions and who’s fault it was for their goal..... it’s not always about finding one of our own to blame!
Compare that defence of ours to last years...
We’d have been pumped last year.
Morelos should get his backside felt for that stupidity. Let the team down. We would have taken 3 off them with 11 on the park. That aside referees are one sided.