Match Thread Aberdeen v Rangers - 16:30 Sunday - BT Sports

Dado's Bandage

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This idea that the manager should be making more subs is hilarious. We don’t have a load of players on the bench to change games hence we don’t make them for the sake of making them. People are building Middleton up to be something he’s not. The boy has potential but as usual folk are getting way carried away. A lack of final ball has killed it for us again, no lack of effort just a lack of quality.


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McInnes set his team up right today , set out to stifle us and hope to score on from a set piece.

We've had no answer to an organised side again
In a nutshell.

Sit in against Rangers, they’ll create %^*& all and you’ll get one or two opportunities yourself to win the game


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Gerrard’s fucked this one right up. Not the first, second or even tied time we’ve been crying out for a change and it hasn’t come h too it was too late.


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Absolutely no creativity going forward, any team that plays us should just sit in and let us play as we don't have a fucking clue what to do against a tightly packed defence.


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Tippy-tappy football with no end product.

Exactly what the Tims did to Barca a few seasons ago.

You don't score, you don't win games.

We saw that on Thursday and we've seen it here.