Match Thread ** Aberdeen v Rangers - 19:45 Tuesday - Sky Sports **

El Jock Grande Sabia

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Well need to be up for it from the 1st whistle as the mutton molesters will be on it from the start. Need to start with a similar team to the 1 that started the 2nd half on Sat.


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A must win for this group of players.

Do they have it in them to dig deep and give it their all?

That was rhetorical by the way.


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Anything other than 3 points tonight I think we see us finishing 4th. I just can't see us not getting beat on Sunday.

Win tonight and hope that Heart can nick a point tomorrow night, and 2nd place should be ours.


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I wouldn't play Dorrans unless we have a proper DM behind him.

Dorrans plays a lot better further up the park but in a midfield 2 he is hopeless. Its clear he doesn't like the physical part of the game. He played better in the 2nd half against Killie when McCrorie came on.


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i sincerely hope we kick the shit out of these clowns tonight, hell id even take a lucky win, 3pts a must for sure


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Going to be a tough game. Don't care what the score is as long as we get 3 points.

The mind games :rolleyes:

McInness saying its an embarrassment if Rangers don't finish second.

Is that because he admits his Aberdeen side are inferior ?


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We will win this if everybody gives 100%. Scoring the first goal will be important and if we get in early then that will boost confidence.
We need Freddy to get back to scoring and this might just be the game to get him back on track. Play a high line and tackle before allowing crosses into the box. This is a must win for us and I hope that some of the players who know they will not be here next season still give all they have for the club that has looked after them.

The Busby Bear

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3 points a must. I fear if it becomes a battle we’ll not be up to it though, hope I’m wrong as I think the sheep will put the boot in.

White Cafu

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I really hope the players realise the importance of a win tonight, no settling for a draw, full pelt for the 3 points


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Alnwick, Tav, Bates, Alves, Halliday, McCrorie, Goss, Dorrans, Murphy, Candeias, Morelos.

That would be my team for tonight.
Would agree with that, they threaten a lot from set pieces and deliveries into the box which Alves is much better at dealing with that Martin.

I expect we will play both Martin and Holt but Goss for me should be starting with the added protection of having McCrorie behind him he would thrive and give us a threat from set pieces.

If we get stuck in and right in their faces we should have too much for them, my concern as always with these players is we don't turn up
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