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Said during the Hibs game I never wanted to see Sands in the back 4 ever again, we've been a shambles the 2nd half and he's been a shambles the whole game
Kamara turns his back, Goldson misses it, Sands, no idea what he's doing, now we're going from looking like we'd be cruising to 2-1 down.

Both goals self inflicted.
It shows it will take more than change of manager to turn things around.

We’re now paying for a lack of investment, wasting what we have invested, dreadful management from top down and a shit squad of players.

Beale is on a hiding to nothing.
This is utter shite, as bad as anything we’ve seen this season. A decent team would be running up a cricket score against us.

Sick to the stomach of this utter garbage, new boss just like the old boss.