Abuse pushing referees out of the game


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Seen this article earlier, i run a Sunday league team myself and some of the abuse refs take at even that level is wild at times, absolutely not worth £40 fee on a Sunday

EXCLUSIVE: Abuse pushing football referees out of the game

Current and former referees are exclusively telling Clyde News they are being pushed to breaking point by the abuse they receive while doing their jobs, and the lack of support available to them.

Referees are being forced out of football because of the level of abuse they receive from players, coaches and supporters.
Match officials say the future of the game is being put at risk because of the lack of support on offer.
In some cases, those officiating amateur games say they fear for their own safety during games
This comes just a month after Bobby Madden also spoke exclusively to Clyde News about the challenges of working as a professional referee.
Dan Forbes, who used to referee amateur games in the North East of Scotland, has been telling Clyde News about some of his worst experiences.
He said: "There were definitely times, after refereeing amateur football, I'd meet these players by chance on a night out, and I was being verbally abused and threatened, and almost assaulted, on a number of occasions, with glass bottles.
"I was once refereeing a game in Buchanhaven where I had sent off three players from Aberdeen University.
"One of those players went to the point of damaging the referees' door with physical force in an attempt to get through to me after the game.
"When it happens once you can't not think about it, because then you have to think 'Where am I parking my car?' 'How am I preparing for my exit after a game?' 'Are my belongings going to be secure?'
"I started putting my belongings in the boot of my car, locking my car, and then hiding my car key in my bag somewhere, but then you're always wary of 'Well what if they just take my bag?'"
Another former official recalled receiving physical threats by a player and fans.
He said: "I've been threatened twice - once was a player in the amateur league who threatened to assault me.
"I've also been threatened by supporters in the car park after a match, who said they would 'Fill my head in'."
Former referee, A, who wishes to remain anonymous, says often adults are the worst culprits, and set a bad example to the children playing in their teams.
He said: "There are some coaches who the kids look up to, and they are roaring and cursing at the referee.
"I have actually abandoned an under-15s game because the coach wouldn't stop swearing."
Many former referees say the lack of support available was a key factor in their decision to quit the game.
B, who we are also keeping anonymous, said: "I did one [game] on a Saturday, and I went home and cried.
"That was the sixth game I'd done that week, and I had another one the next day with the same team.
"I think the SFA could have a system in there to help young referees and say 'So this happened at your game, here's what you can do', or 'This happened at your game, there's nothing you can do, but here's how you can deal with it personally'."
A said: "There's still a lack of support for referees, which is why it's so hard to get them, especially up north.
"We had five or six do our [refereeing] course last year, and one two carried on after the first couple of games, because they just couldn't take the abuse.
Dan agrees, and said: "There is no phone call back saying 'Are you alright? How long are you going to be out for?' because we're not employees. We offer our services, but we're not employees, so we don't get the benefits."
The SFA says it takes the mental health and wellbeing of its referees very seriously, and it offers support through its online extranet portal.