Academy reconstruction complete


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Reading what Ross Wilson is saying it’s Brian Gilmour who is impressing as a coach .. Thomson is there for his man management and experience at the club
I mean that isn't too dissimilar a set up to what we have right now. Gerrard probably is a great coach also, but most of the coaching will be done by Beale.

Chris the Bandito

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While Murty appears to have been given a more broad role across different age groups it’s reads as a step down if he’ll no longer be involved with the ‘B’ team.

KT more involved with the boys knocking on the door which is pleasing.
I think Murty is highly rated but I don't think Gerrard has much time for him - so if the B team is going to be more closely integrated with the 1st Team then maybe that also ties in


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I met Cameron Campbell last year in a coaching capacity. Seemed like a nice guy and had moved abroad to broaden his horizons and get away from the restrictions here. Hopefully does well at the youth level.
Beale will fucking love that.

Good on the guy.