Addidas confirm Ronaldo didnt touch the ball


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If it even touches a hair on his head,then it’s his goal,just like a toenail
can decide an offside.Welcome to the Woke world.:rolleyes:


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It’s a tough one cos without his “header” it would have been an easy stop for the keeper.


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Truly pathetic.

It's a goal... in the World Cup... for your country.

All that should matter!
You wonder how Fernandes must feel knowing his Captain and FA are going all out trying to get his goal given to Ronaldo.

It’s so childish it’s unreal but not unexpected when it comes to him.


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Haha, Adidas pouring cold water on Nike’s poster boy. How tragic is it that a 38 year old man always has to dominate his sides victories with the most petty of issues? Whether it be trying to steal Fernandes’ first ever World Cup goal, or exiting old Trafford before the final whistle. He was still whinging to the ref about the goal award at the end. What an absolute fanny.

He’s really seriously hindered his image with the complete lack of dignity he’s showing in the final part of his career. I’m sure he’ll be readying his next sit down interview with that treasonous cretin Morgan to sulk about how the ball’s IMU system disrespected him by showing no contact. The very fact he was trying to get the Portuguese FA to get that goal awarded to him is beyond tragic.

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Because on first couple of viewings he clearly thought he had touched it.

Not really much to wonder about.

I saw the same first couple of viewings as Ally and could tell that he hadn't touched it. There was definitely enough dubiety that you wouldn't start raving about how great a finish it was :))

I love Ally but he made himself look a bit daft on this occasion.


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The reaction to this because it's Ronaldo is like someone without a blue badge parking in a disabled space. It's the same level of douchebaggery whoever does it, but if it's a Range Rover with personalised plates, it's just soooo much more infuriating.
Nah, the only other comparable example I’ve seen is that knob Harry Kane swearing on his daughter’s life that he got a touch on an Eriksen shot that he never got a touch on, then tweeting the MOTD team about it.

I’m sorry but texting your celebrity mate from the changing room to get the word out, sulking to the ref when your team mates are celebrating their victory and then having your FA do a wee presentation to try and have the goal taken away from your teammate isn’t normal behaviour in any way, shape or form.

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I had a tenner on Ronaldo 1st goal scorer at 4/1 , £50 in my account, realised he hadn’t actually scored so withdrew the £50 . After the match I had - £50 in my Bet365 account.

This morning I had £50 in my bank account and Bet365 reversed my negative balance, tonight they gave me £50 in bet credits. Sure the error will be recognised but now bet the £50 on various bets on England

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All I’ll say is, it’s very difficult to admire CR7 these days.

This incident is the latest in a line of recent embarrassments.


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You get the impression that Ronaldo would be happier if the match finished 1-1 and he got the goal rather than Portugal winning and him not scoring. Creepy bastard.


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Ronaldo is clearly the victim of right wing hate speech here. Should be illegal for anyone to tell you that you haven't scored when your identity tells you that you have.


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He dived for a penalty in game 1.

Last night he claimed a goal that wasn't his, done a step-over when no one was near him then instead of passing he decided to shoot from about 35 yards but fell on his arse - all in the space of about a minute.
He didn’t dive, watch it before commenting ffs