Adrian Goldberg raising funds for a film on the abuse at Celtic Boys Club

Grampian Bear

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Finally donated £20, now up to £14,412 , nearly there !

I listened to the show and its heart breaking, how anyone cannot give their wholehearted support to these victims , let alone give abuse and belittle them after what they have been through is beyond me.

Great thanks and respect to the other 747 people who have taken the time to donate especially those who are short of cash during these hard times.

I salute you all and Adrian himself for supporting these and all victims of child abuse.

Mr Biggleston

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Nearly there folks.

Been working nights and was going to have a wee blowout this weekend with the pubs being open again but somethings are more important than beer.

£50 donated.

Really proud to be part of such a fantastic effort by everyone on here.

They will get justice and we will be there to see it.

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