Adrian Segecic


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It would be great if just one time , one of these kids we bring in as exciting prospects , could actually see some first team action . Only in planet Scotland do we keep players until they are 21 before giving them a jersey .
Getting players physically ready for first team football here is more of a challenge to be fair, especially at Rangers considering the shite we put up with. Even elsewhere in Europe, the 16-18 year olds that regularly play have the physique years in advance of their age. Not saying they shouldn't get a single second of game time unless they are built like %^*&, but I imagine it is easier said than done getting that balance right because playing them when they aren't fully ready can do harm more than good.


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Looks impressive, obviously it’s youth football and he’s still got to fill out etc but from those clips he looks a clever player. Good find from the scouts it seems
Aye the standard looks poor but you can see raw ability to work with there.

Bear all

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We are really shopping in the bargain basement if this is midfielder Wilson and the board have handed Gerrard, no wonder he was so raging in that interview!!!

I imagine he will be in the 18's to start with and try push up to the B team, can never stop improving the academy.
Wow do you really think so ;)


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Looks clever on the ball, a left sided player, he looks as though he is on the small side, not a huge problem ,however with the huge meatheads in the Scottish game they might play "keepie up" with him.


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Struggling to find any info on him, has he played for their first team?

He's a member of their u20s squad, which is effectively their third side. They play in the U20 League of the NSW League. He's made one appearance for their reserves, who play in the NPL NSW.


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I was meaning him Celtic signed that was supposed to be a superstar. I had forgot all about McKay tbh
Daniel Arzani, he got injured in his first game for them and that was that.

He has went to Utrecht on loan from City this year, he is actually really talented, I dont think Scotland was ever going to suit him though.
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