Advocaat When He Was Looking for Final Piece of Jigsaw With Striker


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Were we linked with roy makkay? I was about 16 or so round that time and rue to hid name was convinced he was Scottish and wondered why he couldn't get a game for Scotland haha


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Love the comments on page1 saying we should have spent the money more wisely lol

Flo was knocking in hat tricks against Barcelona for Chelsea at the time and was a tremendous epl player. Getting him was a major coup

Saying player like tamudo, kovacevic, Tristan would have excelled in Scotland simply do not know what would have happened (see soldado at Tottenham as an example), and we were never getting RVN, psv always wanted 18million for him and although doesn't seem much more than 12 was waayyyyyy more than we were ever prepared to go at that time.

Flos scoring record for rangers is up with the best