Ahead of the new season what question would you like to ask Stevie G


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For those of you hard of thinking, read the OP again before posting. You have been warned.


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what game jumps out at you as having the biggest impact in terms of emotion So far, if more than one can you rank them and why.


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How key is it to have the correct infrastructure at the club & how has it helped having made serious improvements since you've come in?


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I would ask if when the day comes (hopefully not for years) and he does leave, would he see Michael Beale as a potential replacement.

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Players come players go at every club, apart from playing attributes what off field attributes do you look for when identifying players you potentially sign.

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The players and staff seemed to have a laser like focus last season and we developed a ruthless streak that perhaps wasn't present in previous seasons. Was this down to a collective change in mindset, or approach/coaching, and how do we maintain it into the new season?

PS I love you.


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How has managing Rangers impacted you as a person and now the dust has settled on 55, what were your thoughts as you drove into Ibrox the day we clinched the league? (Not officially as the tims had to drop points the next day)


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If you could pick a current Rangers player to play with in your playing days who would you choose?

Aside that, do you prefer Gerrard stopped 10 in a row or Gerrard you’re the one?


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What part of your own management ability has come on the most in the past season or two, and how have you worked to improve that?


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Do you feel the squad is strong enough to compete in the Champions League group stage, or will you look to strengthen if we get there?


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Which fellow pro from your time as a player at Liverpool would you like to manage in your current Rangers team and why?


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Now you are three years in the job, is there any one crucial piece of advice you would give to anyone becoming Manager today?


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What's been your biggest high in your time at Rangers and how does it compare to your biggest high as a player?


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How far does he think we can realistically get in Europe this year and what target has he set.


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Ooft, off the top of my head:-

1) How would you feel if Rangers were to be drawn against Liverpool in Europe? Would you want to win against them as much as any other team?

2) Which current day young player do you most admire around the world?

3) Who was the better player, you or Souness?

4) In which areas of the club, outwith the first team, are you able to see most room for improvement?

5) What is your FF username? Do you or your staff ever read fan comments on forums or social media generally?


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Assuming this isn’t a Gerrard career exclusive and is about rangers and current affairs in absence of general media:

I’d like our fan media to start asking probing questions although appreciate that it might be unfavourable to piss certain people off.

Goldson’s contract situation?
Kamara’s contract situation?
Jack’s injury?
Aribo? Roofe?


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Apart from thanking you from the bottom of my heart and kissing your feet for bringing the club back from utter shambles and embarrassment;
If you were to leave to go to another club, say Liverpool. Is there a player in our current squad you think is good enough that you would sign for your new club?

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Steven, you managed to end Celtic's domination of Scottish football. How does that feel on a personal level and how does it feel knowing you are now a Rangers Legend?

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I'd love to get a real insight into his thoughts back in March 2020 when we were struggling and I genuinely thought he would walk. What he really was thinking, what if anything convinced him to keep going, and what changed in him from then to the start of last season. But I don't think he'd be forthcoming, sadly.

I'd ask him what his thoughts are on players who would rather play in the EPL at all costs, often to the detriment of a career of genuinely competing for trophies? Does he think they'll regret it in later life and what advice would he give to players with that choice to make? I'm not aiming that at Alfie before anyone says it, he's one among many and I know he has his reasons.

I'd also ask if he thinks there are players in our squad who are unfairly left out of international thoughts due to where they play and whether that impacts who he can attract and keep.


Hopefully you stay for years, but do you have a succession plan, e.g. will you take the whole management team with you or would the likes of Gary Mac take over?


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Compared to Istanbul, how would you feel if Rangers knock Slavia Prague out of the UCL play-off round.


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Are you able to put you're finger on what changed from the covid shutdown to the start of last season?

I think everyone could see from the first ball kicked we were a completely different animal.