Ahead of the new season what question would you like to ask Stevie G


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Do you think Paterson and Tav can play together in the same team? Will we maybe see this in a competitive game at some point?


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How did the conversation with Dave King go before accepting the position?
What’s your ambitions at The Rangers?

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Do you understand the importance of winning a cup competition in the upcoming season?

European runs are all well and good but we should be winning cups on a yearly basis. It’s now, what, 12 years since we last won the Scottish?


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Has your perception of EPL change looking in from afar, too much money, too much hype not enough end product.

Be interested in his answer to this but reckon he might say - all English CL Final, nearly all English Europa League Final, England in Euros Final. EPL is doing fine.

Q. Given how much he admits to churning it over in the past, has the title win exercised or alleviated any of the hurt from the 2014 season?


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What do you still need to do at Rangers for you to consider yourself a successful Rangers Manager and how long do you think it will still take to achieve that?


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Who is the 1 player that's surprised you the most since arriving, either signed before you got going or signed during your tenure.

Thinking McGregor who has been head and shoulders above all else in Scotland - maybe surprising for his age.
Alfie who looked like a goner after his 1st season under Gerrard but is now unplayable at times.
Borna who just knuckled down and became 1 of the best left backs in Britain.


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With Steve G likeness to set goals for the players and with the abundance of talent in the squad is Steve G considering having a separate 1st team squad tasked with winning the Scottish Cups made up of players who at this moment of time will be considered 2nd in regards to their position's.

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you have totally transformed this rangers side into a top class football team, but from your perspective, if you could choose just one game, which for you was the turning point from Rangers being also rans, to a side with genuine title credentials, what game would that be?

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When looking to attract players who have interest from clubs playing in more attractive leagues, or who can maybe offer more money, how do you sell Rangers to them?

How do you convince them to separate the opportunities and attractions of the club from the perception of the league we are in?


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What has been your 3 most memorable games here?

What can you and the coaching staff do to improve results in domestic cup competitions?

How did the feeling of winning 55 as a manager compare to the trophies you won as a player?


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With the stock of your coaching staff on the rise, are you concerned that over the next couple of years some of them could be offered the opportunity to be a manager in their own right?


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Where do you get your jackets from and who does your hair??

This, 100% this. I would be curios to know the hair product used, how it held in place even after being drowned in Champagne, incredible.

On a more serious note, what player does he feel has improved the most and taken on board instruction and changes to their game during his time in charge.


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Do you realise yet that after the first old firm game that your not here, you will look for that result first before Liverpool’s?
Because you will!


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Has the board backed you 100% financially for every player you've wanted and if not what player was it they wouldn't spring for.


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Of the midfielders you have worked with at Rangers, which one would you have most enjoyed playing alongside yourself?


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Not really a question, Id just like to thay we are your friends, not the guys upstairs, and theres a lot more of us, pleasth be honesth with us………..

Hoojar McKinney

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1) Having played in the Merseyside and Manchester United derby games, how do they compare to your experience of the Old Firm?

2) Recognising the financial constraints of the SPFL, what can the club and the team reasonably aspire to in medium-term?

3) Has your perception of Rangers or the Scottish game in general changed during your time with the club?

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I would ask him something on how him and Ross Wilson work together in terms of planning for transfer windows.

I'd ask something along the lines of how they both prepare for summer transfer windows and do they identify players in every position so they are prepared for any potential transfer offer that the club may find too good to refuse?

I've always been interested in that side of the game.
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