Airdrie v Motherwell


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Its the first time since staying here I have ever heard the crowd from the stadium. I did go out my back garden when they scored but still surprised with not a massive crowd and its a bit away from my house.


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thats just at the round about at the lucky Star :D Motherwell seemingly had been outside the albert bar just further down that road looking for section B


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i thought there might be a thread about this tonight so thought i would pop on and have a wee read, buzzing after this tonight considering it's a fairly new team i thought they played well tonight and our midfield got stuck in great to see a few comments about o' donnell boy was he awful tonight wee quitongo outplayed him
What’s your thoughts on Matthew McDonald mate?

Diamonds Forever

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So still got the diamonds then? I work with a big Airdrie fan. Not seen him since lockdown right enough. Will give him a wee text to congratulate him he'll be over the moon at that score lol
yeah i think they are trying to flog that strip just now hence why they were wearing it, not for me i will stick to the original, aye he'll be buzzing it's a big hate game