Ajax Doing the Bouncy in Amsterdam

Mark Walters

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Proper big club with an enormous fan base. Was pleasing seeing them give some sides from the bigger leagues a bloody nose this season but it's an anomaly unfortunately. Sooner the rest of Europe tell England, Germany, Italy and Spain to go %^*& themselves the better.

This video is a must watch. Our whole fan culture is boring and depressing.

We moan and groan at misplaced passes, folk leave with around 15 mins to go to catch the early train home. Our most vocal fan group are papped in a corner outwith the views of cameras.

We could learn so much from them.
this^ and the crowd can do wonders for the team on the park Gerrard has even spoke about how much it matters before in an interview
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Must be great having a one club / city as when you win the league you can do things like this with the whole city behind you.
Unfortunately, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee never got the chance to experience it. The 'big' thing missing in the Scottish game is a strong Edinburgh side to challenge and better the Glasgow ones on occasion. A combined Hearts/Hibs team pulling in 40,000 fans a week would go a long way towards making our league a better one.