Alan Pattullo: Rangers and Celtic ought to feel embarrassed by German gesture


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Imagine comparing our situation to the wealth of the top 4 Bundesligs clubs. What a fucking idiot.

Bayern giving €5M to support other clubs is 10% of their year’s profit. On the basis our last accounts showed £11M loss, I’d love to know how this twat proposes that we prop up the rest of Scottish football.


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When I seen the Headline about the German clubs a few days ago I did wonder what angle the Scottish media would take ...

Big X

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He is indeed living in a dream world, he has clearly forgotten the sheer outpouring of hatred when we were on our knees in 2012.

Then he has also clearly forgotten that every single lower league team filled their coffers during our return back to the top, we have more than done our bit for the small teams.

And finally he also must have forgotten about the £10 million black hole in our own clubs finances! We are in no position to help anyone out right now.
Exactly, he might have forgotten but we haven’t.

The Ranger

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Jesus they have player's on a weekly wage probably worth more than our first team squad put together. Different league altogether

Zim Pusan

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How often have we been told by the sellic minded Scottish mhedia not to spend what we dont have,now we have to go into more debt to bail out bastards that wanted us dead. Never heard of this guy but that article tells me.hes a prick.


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Rangers football club owe scottish football NOTHING.
These smaller clubs have had the ample opportunity on more than one occasion to cut its cloth accordingly. They have failed on every chance.
Rangers have had to cut its cloth, to take its punishment, its medicine and do its porridge in the lower leagues. Whilst propping up the leagues as we went along. We single handedly financed league 2, league 1, the championship and once this was complete, our clubs pull helped bring the league back from the brink of oblivion because it was such a dead duck. Now? Now there is a title race year on year, there is a challenge and these other clubs now look to be competitive only because Rangers are in amongst them.
The whole scottish football “pyramid” is a disgrace. They all look for hand outs, and they get nothing and then moan when they can’t look after themselves while trying to keep up with the big boys.
The association is a useless non entity that is not fit for purpose.
The league has no money to dish out. And certainly not enough to keep the game afloat.
we have had to adapt, change and work to become somewhat self sufficient, the other clubs throw money at the wind to try and challenge.
the green and grey mob slaver that they have loads and loads. Or is it “tens of millions” of pounds in the bank and access to “a line of substantial credit”
If that’s the case, get the paws in the pockets, help everyone out since you lot were founded on the basis of charity.

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Is he forgetting that Mark Hateley handed out 2 tubs of soap last week? Even nuns got them. What about that for helping others?

I agree that we generally fall short in this area.
Rangers are nothing like Bayern munich mate.
Bayern are 1 of the richest clubs in world football.
It's a bizzare article, anybody with half a brain knows that we will be struggling very soon too.

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Maybe if you had treated our club with more respect during our darkest hours instead of constant sanctions our club would be taking the initiative to help other member clubs. Our fans helped a lot of clubs in the lower divisions while one abomination of a club swept up all the money. "Hunners 'a millions" so we are told. Maybe ask them for help since our taxpayers are constantly funding their projects through dodgy land deals and commonwealth games money. Its time that club gave back to our national game.

Bear all

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Is this the same clubs who would rather die than help Rangers?
The clubs that failed to sell out Saturdays?
The same clubs who are happy to have empty stands when they play us?
Fuxx each and every one of them.
There are more reasons not to give them money.


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To quote the man who saved the rancids , and whom they turned on, 'Not one thin dime'.

Scotland is a nation full of revisionists and amnesiacs when it comes to our club, only the bad (mostly in our enemies warped minds) history exists.

The bheast, as has been pointed out, are supposed to be cash rich and founded for charitable reasons (no laughing at the back) but we all know their wage bill is killing them, as is the knowledge they're going to have to pay out a good few millions to the poor souls who were subject of abuse by staff and associates of their club.

I, for one, would pull up the drawbridge and let the lot of them, with one or two exceptions, rot in hell.



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Surely the “no to newco” and “sell out Saturday” brigade will be queuing up to save their respective clubs anyway, without any need for help from us? There are a few smaller clubs, who treated us with respect when we were in the lower divisions, who I feel sorry for, but the majority of others I couldn’t care less. If anything, I’d want Rangers to hover like a vulture and take their best players for free, if clubs can’t honour player contracts.


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I thought we were supposed to be skint and facing least that's what we've been getting told for the last couple of years.


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Imagine comparing our situation to the wealth of the top 4 Bundesligs clubs. What a fucking idiot.

Bayern giving €5M to support other clubs is 10% of their year’s profit. On the basis our last accounts showed £11M loss, I’d love to know how this twat proposes that we prop up the rest of Scottish football.
Is even worse than that when you look at Revenue. Bayern Munich had revenues of 750.4million euros so if they are paying 5 milliong then that's around 0.67% of their revenue. If Rangers done the same then we'd be paying £349k and getting slagged off for only offering a pitiful amount.


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Stupid article that massively compares two countries and their respective clubs who are massively different in their income streams and thus unworthy of comparison by even the most ill informed journalist.
Yet Scotland manages to find someone that fits the bill in the requirements of total idiocy.
If you have to find something topical to write and this is all that you can manage, then do us all a favour and self isolate just a bit more.


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Give the other clubs NOTHING

They have not one morsel of regret about their actions when we were booted down the league.

Let them forlough their staff.

It is what other non-essential businesses do when they cannot trade.


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Our demotion to the bottom tier of Scottish football was a massive positive/help for the smaller clubs. It literally kept them afloat for the foreseeable future back in 2012.

Where was our help at our time of need. No where, every bastard wanted us dead
This. The cash injection Rangers fans gave the likes of Montrose was enormous. new stands, new community projects, coaching budgets increased. Financial security for the last 8 years.

You want us to commit to a friendly in the next 6 months against Peterhead to help them reassure creditors, I’m up for that. They treated us well, as I recall. You want us to hand over cash to Aberdeen? Motherwell? Or any other of the clubs who wanted us not to exist? %^*& that.