Alan Thompson and the tick

Bluenose Rab

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No idea what he's talking about, but presume he's been somewhat disappointed.
Oh dear, how sad, never mind.
(An auld pal of mine, who's now in Australia, used to say when Thompson was in their team & we saw us v them on telly 'even for one of them he's an ugly bas***d. Always made me laugh)


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So is he a knob head with some more followers, so he should receive a tick? The tick would then prove that the drunken, shambolic ramblings actually emanate from this pest.


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What does having a Twitter tick mean and why would a person want one?

Furthermore why would a jakey old Geordie be refused one?

It’s the blue tick that celebrities have next to their name so that people know it’s actually them.

I don’t use much social media but it seems to be a status symbol amongst people who care about likes, number of followers etc

Edit - he’s better off without one so that he’s got plausible deniability when he inevitably says something offensive/obscene in one of his drunken rants


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Some bird from call it out wanted a tick as people were trying to impersonate her.

She wasn't happy.

Give me a tick damnit.

I don't have Twitter so I'm not sure how important it is.


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Why would they give a verified account tick to an irrelevant arse like him. All he does is talk shit.


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He badly needs some form of intervention. He’s been absolutely all over the shop for the last wee while


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Will always be remembered for being a dirty bastard.....oh and that penalty miss he ballooned over the bar on helicopter sunday.....
Pizza faced rhatbag.....

Rudolph Hucker

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Ticks are given to people who are well-known. This allows others to identify the account as authentic and prevents anyone from impersonating them.

Who on Earth would ever consider impersonating Alan Thompson? A nonentity then, a nonentity now, a nonentity for the rest of his inebriated life.


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Alan, it gives me great pleasure in telling you this:



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Him Lennon and mjallby huddled round the end of the bar in tennents night after night. It was no way for a management team to run a football club.