Alan Thompson reveals what Neil Lennon and Ally McCoist said in their infamous touchline spat


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Lennon called Weiss a 'poof" in the tunnel at the 2-2 game and also had a go at Naismith after the game (he had been sent off for diving). Assume that's the 2 players Bain mentioned in article above.

That's 100% from a member of our coaching staff.

Not sure what Lennon said to McCoist in the 1-0 game though.


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It’s clear to see the thought of diouf still annoys him to this day :)) when you look back it’s clear to see that diouf was near the end of his career with us, wasn’t great, wasn’t terrible. But he took the spotlight off the team when it was needed, genuinely think that is one of the reasons why Walter brought him in when he did. We were being called old and done etc cause they had beat us a couple of times and they were ahead in the league if I remember correctly.


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Lennon's response was 'they are not your players they're Walter's'? Surely not. Am I the only one that thinks that's a really weak & pathetic retort?

Steven D

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I think most Bears want to know what was said that night, but not from that crackpot fantasist.

Id sooner listen to Lennon than that mad nutjob.


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Why is Alan Thompson in the press telling everyone about all his stupid mistakes and mishaps from his adult life when he was old enough to know better?

As a wise man once said:-

JL Picard: "Q, I'm not your father confessor. You will receive no absolution nor spiritual direction from me."


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The BT build up to the last OF league cup final summed up Thomson, Sutton and that club.

They done a carpool karaoke type thing with the pundit picked up and drive around to talk about the upcoming game.

McCoist & Alec Rae for us, who spent thier allocated 5 mins discussing the upcoming game.

Sutton and Thomson for them who’s 5 mins were peppered with digs at refereeing decisions (seriously)

They then go on to win the cup through dodgy refereeing decisions


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I see he's in the papers today saying Scott McDonald's celebrations on helicopter Sunday were an 'absolute disgrace' as he was a celtic fan.

Imagine a footballer not celebrating a goal he's scored for a team that's paying his wages.


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This, I remember Rangers raised a complaint at the time. Took place in the tunnel at Ibrox before the shame game.

I don’t remember thinking it at the time, but that’s actually a very good statement by Bain. Agreed to participate in the ludicrous “summit”, but didn’t put any blame on Ally ("He met Neil Lennon again after the match and is now satisfied the Celtic manager is fully aware of his views.”) and got in a very clear dig at their behaviour towards referees and the obvious impact it had (and, many believe, continues to have).

What a shame that statement was an isolated moment of focus and defiance in a period of surrender and political ineptness.