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Are we all aware that our reputation as a club and as supporters is being managed by:

1. Jim Traynor.
2. Alasdair Morrison, former MSP.

Both of whom are woefully underqualifed to do the job required.

Why is this allowed to happen. Who is in charge...?


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I wouldn't say traynor is underqualified however I would say that he should be nowhere near our club.


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He is as qualified to run a modern communications function as is the guy who mans the front door at Ibrox.

That isn't what he is employed for though.

I don't think and don't want Traynor doing out PR, but King clearly trusts him and he is calling the shots so it is what it is.

I don't think anyone in the Private PR world in Scotland is better qualified for the job if I am honest, on a personal note though Traynor holds too many grudges so there is the flip side.

I don't think people realise just what the job entails, it isn't just wording statements, it is about keeping things out of the press as much as putting out stories. and more inbetween.

They also have the battle where the majority of the mainstream scottish media are tims, proper bitter mentally challengeds, so when Lawwells PR guys say do this they jump, when ours do it, they say piss off, that isn't going to change and isn't really Traynors fault.

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What is Alasdair Morrison's role at the club? He is always in the directors' box but not part of the Rangers staff when there.


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Traynor won't release statement without board approval, he's hardly running things


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If anyone can lift the lid on BBC Scotland’s attitude towards us then it is Traynor, unfortunately he was part of the problem.


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Neither is the mentally challengeds PR men but they know how to control a situation and the media. They are doing it right now.

It is easy to control a situation when the people you need to control it have exactly the same mindset, agenda and affiliation as the people wanting to control it.

We are pissing into the wind because the main media decision makers are bitter tims.

It really is that simple

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