Alex Lowry - A star is born


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What a fantastic player this boy is!


He's got a huge future at Rangers!

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Hands up, I got it wrong. Not in terms of Lowry's ability but tonight's game went exactly as I expected. I thought the pressure from the crowd, and the fact he was the only playmaker in midfield, was asking too much of the lad.

He showed tonight he has what it takes in terms of personality and mentality to make it at Rangers. His ability was never in doubt.

Sakala the main man for me tonight though.

Carlton The Bear

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Very promising. Let’s hope he can keep it up, but it’s yet another opportunity which comes via an injury in the squad - and the young lad needs to grab his chance when it comes.

Looks like Alex is more than capable of doing it so at very least for the rest of the season we have another player who can be trusted to play his part when needed.

Meanwhile the other young lads in the squad can see how the opportunity has come and will hopefully get a boost from it that next time it could be them.

At the moment, there are no negatives - just positives.


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Was the best player in the first half, stood out against more senior players around him, and even into the second half.

A talent, and definitely deserves more game time.

But I'd still like us to sign a winger. Scott Wright isn't the level required.


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Very exciting player who was one of the few to have the balls to try something different tonight - didn't always come off but he showed more than enough to keep trying to find a spark.

We can't stint this lads growth - he needs to be playing and learning from now until the end of the season.