Alex Lowry - A star is born


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Hands up, I got it wrong. Not in terms of Lowry's ability but tonight's game went exactly as I expected. I thought the pressure from the crowd, and the fact he was the only playmaker in midfield, was asking too much of the lad.

He showed tonight he has what it takes in terms of personality and mentality to make it at Rangers. His ability was never in doubt.

Sakala the main man for me tonight though.
Fair play for explaining yourself mate.

I'm going to enjoy every moment we have Lowrie. He's a joy to watch. Imagine how good he's going to be in a couple of yearso_O


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Thought he was excellent tonight and he's not done yet, he's going to keep getting better. More time with the 1st team squad will do him a world of good. The fact he's standing out now is just so positive though.

That mazy wee run he done in the first half was excellent. Would have loved a goal to have come at the of that.

HarriBo 55

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Very much enjoyed that performance from him tonight.

In a turgid and staid match he lit the pitch up which when you consider his age, is quite remarkable.

A long, long way to go but there is a player there and it finally looks like we have a bit of a run on youth prospects coming through!
Don't want to get carried away but there is a touch of a young Durrant about the boy,said so the first time i clapped eyes on him, If he's anywhere near that level we will have found a real gem.WATP.


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Young Alex wasn't the man of the match tonight, Fashion was.
However, that Alex is discussed in the mix in such a difficult game is a testament to the part he played.
Coped with the conditions and looked at home in a Rangers first-team.
Still needs a bit of filling out and with experience, we will see some of the nativity removed from his play, but he certainly can play football like a man born to it.


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Best thing he passes it on front of the player he’s passing too so they don’t break stride

Get long term deal sorted asap
This habit in a lot of the 'senior' players has been a bugbear of mine for a long time, passes being played 1yard behind, making players on the run stop, get closed down and turn an attacking move into a ball played all the way back to the keeper.

Lowry has an eye for an effective attacking pass, puts beautiful weight on it too.


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Another terrific performance. Quality, composure and an eye for the not so obvious pass. Just behind Fashion for MOTM fir me. The future is indeed bright. Well done Alex, take a bow son.

Henry Hill

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Had anyone really’heard’ of him before the last few weeks? Was he very highly thought of in the youths, ie a total standout?


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A young Scottish boy walking in the footsteps of legends… well worth his place… let him play and he will learn. It doesn’t happen often…


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Don't think he goes back into B-team football tbh. Barring an absolutely mental end of window from us, which sees us bringing in 3 or 4 first team quality players. That ain't happening, so keeping Lowry involved and hopefully sign a couple of players. Then we are set to go.

I don't think he should feature every week but in games like tonight, he's going to bring something to the party. He'd also benefit from having players like Kent and Aribo linking up with him. Hopefully get him tied down on a long contract and he continues to go from strength to strength.


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Thought he was class. Just behind Sakala for my MOTM
Exact same for me. He has some great talents. The way he comes deep to take it then looks to turn and pass forward rather than a simple pass. Happy to take it in tight areas, can hold off challenges. Exciting talent.

@erskine bear Mind I said we should be giving these guys a shot in the team and you weren’t having it? ;)
Really enjoyed watching him tonight. Hungry, chased every ball and chose the alternative as opposed to the usual tactics at the minute. His run into the box on the first half was sensational.

Personally would have brought him off at 75 mins. Seemed to flag just a wee bit after that. He should be proud.


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His balance and ability to wriggle away from an opponent is similar to Kamara, but does so in a more positive manner. Boy looks like he was born to play for us!

Galstonian Oranje

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A positive player. Plays with his head up and always looking for the forward pass.

On early showings, we couldn't afford to buy someone like that right now.

Jonathan E

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Without taking anything at all away from the boy, the reaction to his first two games has been a bit over the top.


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The boy has got massive potential. Makes some naive mistakes you expect from a youngster, but he’s clever enough to learn quickly which is quite clear!


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Absolutely robbed of a couple of assists!
Weve lost Hagi and gained Lowry.

The kid isa special talent. We need to get him tied down on a long term deal.

Normally Id be inclined to say Gio should build the team around him but as we know fully well, if he continues at this rate the vultures will be circling.

Well played again young man. That piece of skill in the first half just inside the box was tremendous.


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There was one moment the ball was swirling around in the wind and his first touch to bring it down out the sky was perfect.

He can drop a shoulder and has bags of ability. Hopefully he can remain with the squad and get some experience as well as bulking up a bit too.


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We've got another star on the bench who would make just as big an impact if he was to take bassey's place.
That is a big call.
Bassey is playing well and whilst he has the occasional moment, so do most center-backs.
I reckon the lad is a huge talent, but slotting into the centre of defence is a bigger challenge than the number ten role.

I am sure in certain games if we are comfortable he will be allowed to ease himself into the step-up in the level of football.