Alex Rae actually made a really good point/asked question last night: re Colt Teams


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Half the players that don't make it with us will end up with them anyway and will be better developed when they do.

And that's one of the counter arguments. My point is that it's quite clear and understandable why some people are against it.


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There would be zero point in B teams starting at lowest in the Pyramid tier next season, the idea is that the players need challenged, and they would not be suitably challenged in the lower tier of WoSFL.

None of the 150 teams you refer to are being disadvantaged by this, their Champions will still be promoted.

Would any WoS teams agree to being invited into a LL that they could not get promotion from ?(which is the deal for The B teams entering the LL)

There is an argument that some fans could be drawn away from these teams to go watch the B teams.

A lot of junior fans go to their games when Rangers are away.

Hopefully it fucks St Roch's though.


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He "cut to the break" as that's the time they schedule the breaks in every show. He also did ask that he wondered if anyone did know if there was any resistance to the plans being introduced abroad (paraphrasing).

We can all speculate as to why there is hostility to this plan but the presenter going to adverts for Just Eat etc and then getting travel news isn't one of them.
There was massive resistance in Italy when juve entered their u23 side into seria c. I think they had to go it through the courts to force it through.

Everywhere does it. France ( b teams in tier 4), Holland (b teams in tier 2), Portugal (from tier 2), Croatia and so on.

We are so backwards up here.

Our Scotland u21s and below haven't had a game or a get together since September.

All the other home nations have had games or training camps for their young players in the same period.

Is it any wonder we are trailing so far behind other nations when our governing body can't even be arsed to set up a game or camp for these young players.

That is how little this country cares about youth development.

It's little wonder we are having to be the driving force and spearhead youth development.

I honestly hope this a financial success and the lower league sides come begging us to join.


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The Forfars, Elgins, Montrose etc don't want us in case they get demoted. The SFA would rather have 200 fans plus a dug and a few seagulls watching their games. The association is incapable of change. When you have idiots like Mulraney from Alloa involved then the games fecked.
Lot of bears in and around Elgin my friend. Good bunch in Burghead. Pop in to Walkers of Aberlour and Nicky Walker himself will sort you out with some shortbread. The least said about a certain Steven Presley of Elgin though the better.


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Because Spain and Germany don't hate themselves to death
The Spanish league even carries C teams. Also the lower leagues in Spain after the Segunda A are very heavily regionalised which guarantees more derbies and less travel expenses. The pyramid is therefore a lot more extensive and makes use of very good play off systems. We can learn a lot from how the Spanish do it.

Big Negri

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The answer is, about 80% of people in important roles in Scottish football, don’t have the credentials to be there, and that’s a generous figure

The HighlandBullpen

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Are there many businesses that are successful that stick to the same products, processes and customers year after year after year?
Thought not, maybe innovation is a good idea...
Too many people not interested in changing things as they fear it'll impact their own wee world.


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Probably nothing to stop them but they can't all go in halfway up a pyramid.

Should we start in the West of Scotland League then?

I'm not saying either way. I'm just pointing out that it's quite obvious why a lot of folk don't like the idea. It's not simply because they hate us. Although that will be the case for some.
The reason we are not starting at the bottom is because it’s mutually beneficial to both parties, it’s that simple


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This Euros is the first time we have qualified for a tourney in over 20yrs if we don’t change something we’ll be saying the same thing in another 20; Dinosaurs been running Scottish football happy to pick up top dollar for F All ; If it doesn’t work fine at least give it a go


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Bowling club mentality, wee men who maybe when they were young had better intentions and now see a chance to ride a gravy train and gain positions way beyond their station.
Could say the same for those at the head of our game,who collectively haven't even played the game. A bowling Club mentality,right out of Chewin the fat. Comical,if it wasn't so serious.