Alex Rae-Running for Erskine


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I'm sure there's an existing thread, but I couldn't find it and anyway, its for a cause that's close to all our hearts, so no apology for posting :)



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I drove past him the other day. He was running with full Rangers training gear and he stopped at the lights I had stopped at. Still looks fit as...

I was listening to him on the Superscoreboard pod at the time. Quite strange :))


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Played in a charity game for asda against clyde 1 tail end of last year and Alex turned up in the Rangers clobber then as well. Ran the show from the centre of the park and still as fit as a fiddle. Couldn't get near him and when someone did he certainly didn't shy out of any tackles.

Was a class act, good luck to him great cause he is running for.
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